10 {Fun + Free} Family Traditions to Enjoy with Your Family


Family traditions … does your family have any? A friend of mine asked me this question last week, and I looked like a deer in the headlights. We don’t really have any. Now granted, my kids are very young (4 months and almost 2 years old) but it really got me thinking about fun family traditions, and the purpose behind them.

So, I began to research some ideas that I can see my husband and my kids enjoying and being eager to participate in. For my family, it will be time to unplug, unwind, and really have fun. A lot of these ideas are meant to just help connect your family again; hopefully by tying any of the ideas below to a “tradition” you can put them on your calendar as a recurring event.


Board Game Night

There are some amazing games out there! Bugs in the Kitchen is a popular one.  When kids are a bit older, Apples to Apples is one the whole family can enjoy! 

Kids Pick and/or Make Dinner Night

My friends suggested this one, and I think it is great for older kids! Let them make dinner for the family, or pick out what they want- it could be something simple or creative!

Bedtime Stories

Have the kids make up their own bedtime stories – so fun! A great way to get creative.  You can also create one together!

Evening Walks

Take the dogs, load the stroller. This is great for all ages!

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Who doesn’t love bacon and eggs, or pancakes?

Reflection of the Day- 2 Things you Learned, 2 Things You Loved

This is a great idea for family dinnertime. Instead of “How was your day?,” have everyone at the table list 2 things they learned, and 2 things they loved from the day. This offers a great opportunity for learning and a great appreciation for the small things. 

Pick-Your-Outfit Day

Have your kids pick out what you are going to wear.  Kids love this one!


There are always great volunteer opportunities the whole family can participate in: collect cans to raise money, donate old clothes, or have the kids go through their old toys and donate to kids in need.

Thankful Letters 

Give the kids the task of writing thankful letters, addressed to those they are thankful for. This is particularly appreciated this time of year.

Cleaning Party

Crank up the music, and give everyone a job! This helps kids appreciate a clean house a little more too! Younger children can help pick up toys or dust the baseboards!

Most importantly, make sure you are taking time to get away from the television, cell phones, and iPads, and really have some fun conversations with your kids and spouse … these are the moments everyone will remember and cherish forever!

What are some family traditions that you grew up with, or have already implemented with your family?  I’m so eager to hear your ideas!


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