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Fall is officially here right?! I mean, our Arizona fall… which consists of warm temps yes, but we have a breeze people!! Not to mention the sun looks different during the day! Simply add the pumpkin spice smells in every store, all the Halloween decor and voila! It is FALL!

One of my favorite things to do with my girls as each new season approaches is a new fun craft. Of course Pinterest has a bazillion ideas to choose from, but most of them need supplies I just don’t always have on hand. So we took an idea and kind of twisted it into fitting our home supply list. Here is our “Fall Trees” craft painted with plastic straws!

-A simple drinking straw.
We chose one of the IKEA straw you can find HERE . Super fun colors and who can beat 100 pack for $1.49. We like them because they are a little wider than the typical drinking straw. If you don’t have these one hand, any typical straw will do!

-Some paint.
I am super picky about paint and if it doesn’t wash off well I toss it. This Crayola paint jar set is our favorite! It wipes off the floor, faces and all other surfaces with a simply wet paper towel. Not to mention it washes easily out of clothing and hair! You can find it at most stores, or you can always buy online HERE.

– Paper.
We cover our art easel from IKEA in newspaper to protect the black and white boards and then tape our piece of paper to that. Super easy clean up and it protects your easel. Or you can just purchase the HUGE roll at Ikea and cover both sides of the easel as well. If you don’t have an easel no worries. Simply use any surface like a table or the floor.


First,  you cut the straw length wise about two inches down… then turn it and cut again making four pieces sticking off from the end of your straw.

Next, you choose your paint colors. We chose the traditional red, orange, and yellow. Each time you press down on your straw the four pieces move in a different direction as it collect paint. Dip and few different times really mixing the colors.

Then, you press your straw onto the paper… making a spray of mixed fall colors. Each time you press the print is different and therefore the leaves look different as it starts to blend into a great piece of art!


Finally, hang beautiful piece of art up to dry and then display for all to see!


My girls LOVED it and it was a super fast clean up!

What fall crafts have you tried out with your kiddos??

If you are on Instagram, remember to hashtag #nphxmoms with any fall crafts you try out! We’d love to join in on the fun! 🙂

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