Let Us Grieve


There is anger, there is fear, and there is frustration. There is so much I want to say, so much that could be said. Yet, should it be said?

An old teacher of mine in light of recent events posted that he will be starting and following a “72 hour rule.”  He pleaded for us to do the same, in honor of the families, in honor of the victims. He has a great video that he posted explaining this “rule” in more detail. I think for the families and the victims it is something that we should all strive to do. We cannot fathom their grief. We cannot understand their pain. I cannot begin to grasp or even try to comprehend what they are going through right now. But I will say this, I would bet that the last thing they want to hear right now is arguing.

Let us honor the teacher who sacrificed his life for his students. Let’s commend his bravery and let us mourn with his family. Let us thank them for their sacrifice and remind them how proud they should be. May we support and encourage the rest of the teachers and staff who lost their colleague. May we be able to reassure all the teachers and staff involved who are feeling guilt and frustration. 

Let us grieve for the family of the poor boy who made a really big mistake. Let’s recognize that he lost both of his parents himself and was clearly hurting. Please remember that he had people taking care of him, people who love him and probably were doing the best they could for him.

For 72 hours, let’s take a moment to remember that beds were empty last night. Consider that someone didn’t come home from school. There will be no one to rush out the door in the morning.  No one to say, “I love you” or, “Goodnight” to. There is a lot of confusion and hurt in those families’ lives, and really big voids that won’t ever be filled. Mother’s Day will be very different for those hurting moms who lost their babies. There are graduation gowns and caps that will never be worn.

Before we make harsh comments, assumptions or judgments, please, wait. The grieving won’t end for those families after three days; it will go on in their lives for the rest of their days. So, may we all as a nation respect them for just a short time. There is important information that needs to be said and decisions that need to be made. Yet, before we starting pointing fingers, let us grab the hand of the person next to us and remind them that we care.

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