Giveaway and Lifestyle Session with Sweetface Photography


We recently decided to have a lifestyle session with the talented Laurie Stephens, owner of Sweetface Photography.

I will schedule a photography session at least once a year, to capture not only my children’s changing features but also how their personalities evolve each year. We like to send holiday cards to our relatives that don’t get to see our kiddos often. Usually these pictures have a desert background with our beautiful Arizona sunsets. We’ve only had two lifestyle sessions at home when our children were born and to have the chance to do it again was just a delight!

The moment I talked to Laurie, I knew we were going to have a great experience. She asked me what my idea was for this lifestyle session and we talked about how we spend our time together.

I was so excited to have our family captured during our daily routine of reading books before bed, decorating cupcakes and even jumping on the bed. (OK, not really in our daily routine but kids were ecstatic when Laurie asked them to jump!) Moments like this are often the most cherished moments of my childhood and yet I don’t have pictures of these moments to share with our little ones.

During our phone conversation, Laurie asked me to send her some pictures of different areas in our home at different times of the day so she could check the natural light. After a few text messages, we were all set for our session!

I was so grateful to Laurie for making sure everything was planned before our session. I knew the plan and how to prepare for our session to keep the kids happy and also acting as natural as possible in front of the camera.

Laurie is an amazing Lifestyle and Wedding photographer with over 10 years of experience, who knows how to capture perfect candid moments. Not only did she engage with the kids right off the bat, she won them over when she asked them to lick the spatula covered in frosting.


All these day-to-day moments are picture perfect moments for me!

I want my kids to remember these precious moments. I want these day to day pictures on my wall to remind us of our time together.

Laurie was able to capture all of my favorite moments!

My kids absolutely love to be involved in the kitchen, so I wanted to have candid moments of them decorating cupcakes to have up in our kitchen.

giveaway and lifestyle session

The time I most look forward to everyday is bedtime! This is when we all have time to connect with each other as a family. The kids will take a bath, then we head to the loft to read as a family. Now that my daughter can read, she will read to her little brother and then we read a few more books to them. I do not have pictures of us reading, so that was one of the moments I asked Laurie to capture.

Besides being an amazing photographer, Laurie is also involved with two phenomenal charities. Please check her page to learn more about these charities that are close to her heart: Kids in Focus; a charity that partners at risk kids with photographers who teach them how to look at life through a different perspective. And the second charity, Arizona Small Dog Rescue; a non profit no kill rescue shelter.

Laurie cares so much about giving back, that if you donate to either of these amazing causes through her website, she will apply a $50 discount from any photo session package you purchase!

I can’t wait to frame these pictures!

Thank you Sweetface Photography, for perfectly capturing everyday moments in our family’s life!

Giveaway time! Comment below for a chance to win a free Sunday in-home mini session as the host of a photo party, with discounted sessions for 4-6 friends or family members who also attend. 

Thanks to Sweetface Photography for sponsoring this post. We are happy to bring quailty local businesses to our readers.


  1. We just had a baby and my days are a blur. Also, I’m the one behind the camera in the midst of the blur thus extremely underepresented lol. I’d love to capture the chaos!

  2. Love the photo of the kids baking, perfect catch of a fun moment. So nice to see natural, candid shots rather than always posing for a good professional shot. Great idea.


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