What to do if Your Kids Have Lice…


The kids are back to school and the temps are kind of cooling down (hooray for making it through the long, hot summer), but now we have to worry about all the germs and the real possibility that our children will be exposed to head lice. Yikes!  

With September being National Head Lice Awareness Month, super lice are a hot topic of conversation and concern among all the parents and teachers. Here is all you need to know before your child brings home the dreaded lice note. 

What are Super Lice?

kids have lice

Super lice are not super-sized versions of head lice nor are they a different breed of head lice. Much like some strains of bacteria have become resistant to commonly used antibiotics, super lice are the offspring of generations of head lice which, with overexposure to the active ingredients in many pesticidal head lice treatments, naturally developed a resistance to the chemicals. Super lice are not distinguishable from other head lice (other than their blue tights and red cape) except they’re the ones still kicking after an over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription treatment.

kids have lice

Lice Happens, the leading head lice treatment company serving the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area, discovered that live lice often remained in the hair of clients they were about to treat even after the client had repeatedly used pesticidal OTC and/or prescription head lice treatment products formulated to kill the bugs. “Removing live bugs that were unaffected by the active ingredients in these products became the norm,” stated Mary Jane Eckert, RN, Lice Happens co-founder.

The good news is that pesticides are not necessary to defeat normal lice or super lice. Since head lice are not able to survive off the human head, the trick is to kill by removal. Manual removal doesn’t require knowing which lice are super and which are not. “A louse off the head is doomed.” As summed up by Lice Happens co-founder Nancy Fields, “thorough manual combing by licensed professionals is the safest, most effective and efficient approach to defeating lice and super lice.”

Meet Jacki McCulley – Superhero… defeater of Super Lice!

I have worked for Lice Happens in Delaware for the last 9 years, and am so excited to now partner with this amazing company in the beautiful state of Arizona! This work is my calling, and to be able to help families in this beautiful weather 12 months a year, bliss!

Head lice your problem? Make it mine! My greatest satisfaction is restoring peace and calm to stressed out families dealing with head lice. After all, you’ve got better things to deal with… give me a call and start breathing again!

Lice Happens provides efficient and effective in-home head lice removal services in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas.

If your kids have lice and you’re interested in safe, all natural head lice treatment call the Lice Happens 24-Hour LiceLine now at 480.630.0342 or email us at [email protected].

We’re ready to dispatch one of our certified, professional Lice Treatment Specialists to the comfort and privacy of your own home.

This article was sponsored by Lice Happens. North Phoenix Moms Blog is thrilled to bring this amazing resource to our readers.


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