Family Game Night!



It has finally happened! My kids are old enough to start a family game night! I have been dreaming of this moment, and we tried a while back with Chutes and ladders but the girls got bored too easily and couldn’t keep the ladder directions straight! We deicided it had been a while and would give it another go! Here are a few of our favorites that are great for their ages almost 3 and 5!


This time we decided to play a hands on game! Uno Stacko!! I was not only suprised at how well they waited for their turns but even more with how GOOD they were at playing the game. Just when I was expecting the whole tower to come crashing down, they would smile and pull the brick out with ease! This game was fast moving and they got to use their hands!! MAJOR BONUS POINTS! You can buy it on Amazon here!


Another is Disney Trivia! I don’t know about you but we are one hugely obsessed Disney loving family! We have all the classic Disney movies on VHS and own a ton of Disney themed EVERYTHING! Since my girls are at the age were they can communicate we thought we would try it out. For the kids cards there is a picture of the Disney Character! Then it goes on to ask questions about the character, what song they sing, what movie they are in etc. My husband and I had fun too because the adult cards are very challenging! We all have fun stacking our little mickey heads up with colorful pieces! This is the one we have but it was mine from childhood so of course a vintage game costs more… instead try this one… cheaper and very hands on to keep kiddos entertained. The Disney Cranuim game is defintiely on our game wish list.


This one is SO fun! The girls love slapping their hands down on the bread shaped cards. It is fun to watch them get excited and try to follow the directions of the game! They look for matching bacon, lettuce etc. Here is the game on Amazon!


I love this one!! It is a super simple fast game and can go with us. I love taking it on trips it is a great hotel floor game but we mainly play it on the family room floor! Another thing I like is the price can’t beat 6 dollars for something that can occupy the kiddos for a while! They learn to see the differences in bigger and smaller fish and how to match the colors. For those of you with older kids then they can match the numbers or learn to put them in numerical order! You can find the game on Amazon here!

A few others on favorites list are:

  • Candyland
  • Princess Yhatzee
  • Princess Monopoly (they don’t really understand it yet)

Some of the games on our wishlist are:

  • Disney Hedbandz
  • Disney Cranium

And since my hubby wants us to branch out of our very obsessed Disney ways:

  • Clue Jr 
  • Twister

I don’t know if you are a thrift store junkie like I am but we go every week if not more and they have SO many fun games for cheap prices there. Some times you have to open it up and make sure all pieces are there, but you can’t beat trying a new game out WITHOUT paying the retail price 😉 The best part, when your kids grow out of it you can donate back and help the charities that they support!

What are some of your tried and true games?! We would love to hear more ideas!

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