DIY Playhouse Mini Makeover with ColorShot


ColorShot was kind enough to offer a few bottles of spray paint to North Phoenix Moms and I thought this was a great way to do a mini makeover in my kiddos’ playhouse.

A few weeks ago we started talking about painting the house and as we were deciding on a color palette, our kiddos chimed in and asked if we could paint their playhouse too.

Well, to be honest I never thought of painting their playhouse but, after three years, it definitely needed some love!

At this moment in time, I don’t think I can commit a weekend to paint their house, but what I can do is fix a few things to make it look nicer. 

We selected two ColoShot colors: Island Girl and Lucky Penny. I used Island Girl to paint their bench and the legs were painted in Lucky Penny.

First, I dusted the bench before starting to paint. I covered the legs with painter’s tape and sprayed the bench with Island Girl color. Once it was dry, I did another coat and left to dry for a day. The next day, I covered the seat and painted the legs in bronze. 

before picture

Picture after paint job

finished project

This was a super easy project, yet it made such a big difference! The bench looks like new and it matches the trim in their playhouse!

I also had a LOVE sign that I bought for a dollar or so, but had not decided what to do with it yet. It only took me a trip to the grocery store and running into succulents, when the idea of painting the sign bronze and adding succulents came to me. 

ColorShot – Lucky Penny Color

Materials Needed:

  • Color shot paint (Lucky Penny)
  • Dust Protection Mask
  • Paper or newspaper
  • 1 small succulent 
  • Hot glue gun
  • Bowl with ice water (in case you burn your fingers, place them in the bowl right away)


Place craft paper or newspaper on the floor and put the sign on top. Cover your nose and  mouth with the dust protector mask. 

Shake the spray and spray the sign by following the directions on the spray bottle. Let dry and repeat if necessary.

Remove the succulent from the dirt and clean as much as you can. Once the sign is dry, glue the succulents to the sign. Let dry.

Succulents do not need much water, so if you spray the roots once a week, they will be perfect!

The LOVE sign was a great way to add a new element to their playhouse.

 This sign also looks super cute on our front door!

Their playhouse is not ready yet. But I think it looks so much better now with the bench painted and the cute addition of the sign.

Now, I need a few more spray cans of Island Girl paint to redo the trim of the house ๐Ÿ™‚

The kiddos were super excited to use their playhouse and couldn’t wait to get in there and have tea.

It makes my heart happy that a playhouse that hadn’t been used much lately, except for when we have friends over, is now the center of attention and bringing them joy again!

This post has been sponsored by ColorShot, as always, all opinions expressed here are my own.



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