Culture Passes Are Here!


I almost don’t want to write this post- I’m going to let you in on one of my favorite (and free) ways to get a little bit of culture and enjoy some of the best places in the Valley.

For years, I ignored the giant yellow pamphlet board at the Phoenix Public Library- one of those information overload things. But then, I took a look at the Culture Pass display and realized how stinkin’ awesome it is.


Basically, you can “check out” a pair (or sometimes a four pack) of tickets to a number of museums in the Valley for free. The catch is that there is a limited amount of tickets available per branch per week, so they go pretty fast. Many libraries often have people lining up before opening for a chance at the passes.

I’ve had the chance to use several Culture Passes- here a few highlights from our favorite places:


The Children’s Museum of Phoenix– This place is seriously amazing. They have a huge climbing structure and oodles of hands-on activities for every age. This is one of the most popular Culture Passes, though- good luck getting one!


The Phoenix Zoo– We love going here during the summers- they have splash pads, playgrounds, and of course, lots of animals. If you get a pass, I’d recommend getting here as early as possible to see the animals before it gets too hot and then having some fun playing in the water.


Deer Valley Rock Art Center– I picked up a pair of tickets on a whim- I wanted to take my little one out while her sister was in school, and the Rock Art Center was nearby. Honestly, most of the archaeological information is a bit on the dull side, but the walk to see the petroglyphs is beautiful. My little one loved seeing all the critters on the one mile loop. It’s a low-key destination, but nice for a quick stop by.

If you’re considering picking up a Culture Pass, the library has a website where you can check the pass availabilities, but I’d just recommend getting there early if you want passes to the Children’s Museum or the Zoo.

Spring Breaks are happening right now- take advantage of this fantastic public resource and see a bit of our city!



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