Busy Moms, I See You, And I Know It’s Hard


Hello. I’m Coral and I’m insane. 

At least that’s how I feel. I went from being the organization queen to drowning in my own sea of laundry. Let me ask you, how does someone who only owns 30 items of clothing still have 5 baskets that need to be folded? I just can’t figure it out. As I sit here with a minute to write I look around my house overwhelmed with the things that need to be done. My house smells like B.O. and my daughter is in desperate need of a bath or at least a baby wipe to wipe down to get the remains of a breakfast that consisted of ripped up cheese and cut up grapes, and let’s not even talk about my appearance. This is my life. A life of a stay at home mom, who works 40 hours a week (from home), and is also a full time student. And I am here to say, I see you. 

I see you, busy mom who doesn’t get a moment to yourself. I see you busy mom who feels guilty for working and being a way from your kids. I see you young mom who has finals and wants to get your degree. I see you mom who feels stressed and alone. I see you, I understand you. I know how you feel and I know that you are exhausted and probably on the verge of tears like I am. You aren’t alone. 

stocksnap_4bg0m37xlvI wanted to take a second to encourage you and remind you of some very important things. 

  1. Forgive yourself- You are a super mom and I know you can do it all. But that doesn’t mean you have to. If your dishes sit in the sink too long or you opt for a freezer meal because you’re exhausted. It’s okay. Forgive yourself. 
  2. Be nice to yourself- Constantly remind yourself of how awesome you are. Sometimes I make a list of all things I accomplish in a day. Heck, try on something sexy at Target and take a picture (then put it back on the rack because we are on a budget). Be nice to yourself, love yourself. 
  3. Take care of yourself- You are so important! People need you! So take care of yourself. Remember you too need to eat and rest just as much as your babies. 
  4. TREAT YO’ SELF!!!- This is my favorite reminder. Treat yourself. You might not be able to spare the time and money to go to the salon or go out for a night in the town. But find something to treat yourself. Even if it’s just a cheap bottle of wine from Trader Joe’s. Or take a bath when your kids are in bed. You do you. 

You’re amazing mama. No matter what. 


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