Busy Moms, I See You, And I Know It’s Hard


Hello. I’m Coral and I’m insane. 

At least that’s how I feel. I went from being the organization queen to drowning in my own sea of laundry. Let me ask you, how does someone who only owns 30 items of clothing still have 5 baskets that need to be folded? I just can’t figure it out. As I sit here with a minute to write I look around my house overwhelmed with the things that need to be done. My house smells like B.O. and my daughter is in desperate need of a bath or at least a baby wipe to wipe down to get the remains of a breakfast that consisted of ripped up cheese and cut up grapes, and let’s not even talk about my appearance. This is my life. A life of a stay at home mom, who works 40 hours a week (from home), and is also a full time student. And I am here to say, I see you. 

I see you, busy mom who doesn’t get a moment to yourself. I see you busy mom who feels guilty for working and being a way from your kids. I see you young mom who has finals and wants to get your degree. I see you mom who feels stressed and alone. I see you, I understand you. I know how you feel and I know that you are exhausted and probably on the verge of tears like I am. You aren’t alone. 

stocksnap_4bg0m37xlvI wanted to take a second to encourage you and remind you of some very important things. 

  1. Forgive yourself- You are a super mom and I know you can do it all. But that doesn’t mean you have to. If your dishes sit in the sink too long or you opt for a freezer meal because you’re exhausted. It’s okay. Forgive yourself. 
  2. Be nice to yourself- Constantly remind yourself of how awesome you are. Sometimes I make a list of all things I accomplish in a day. Heck, try on something sexy at Target and take a picture (then put it back on the rack because we are on a budget). Be nice to yourself, love yourself. 
  3. Take care of yourself- You are so important! People need you! So take care of yourself. Remember you too need to eat and rest just as much as your babies. 
  4. TREAT YO’ SELF!!!- This is my favorite reminder. Treat yourself. You might not be able to spare the time and money to go to the salon or go out for a night in the town. But find something to treat yourself. Even if it’s just a cheap bottle of wine from Trader Joe’s. Or take a bath when your kids are in bed. You do you. 

You’re amazing mama. No matter what. 

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Coral is a young married broad from Phoenix and a new crunchy granola mama to the prettiest blue eyed girl. She is a very passionate writer who loves to share her stories and adventures about being a mom and traveling the world. She has a knack for the fine arts; loves to sing, play piano and dance. She is also studying at ASU to become a therapist and has a passion to use music and art as a process of healing. She is an artist and enjoys doing anything with a paint brush! DIY is her life and she loves the challenge of taking on something new. She just starting writing her first novel as well as working on illustrations for her first children’s book!


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