Jessica Schmeckpeper

Jessica Schmeckpeper
I live in Gilbert with my beautiful son Paul who is 5, my 2 year old son Finn, my silly pit bull Armani, and my amazing husband Ryan. We have been married 5 years but have known each other since middle school. He truly is my best friend and better half. I went to Arizona State University for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in education. I am about to start my 13th year teaching elementary school in Arizona. Helping and teaching children is a huge part of me. I love to play dodgeball. Yep, dodgeball. I mostly play recreationally and for fun.
religious holidays

Celebrating Religious Holidays When You Aren’t Religious

The birth of our first child was exciting and we were looking forward to all the firsts that came along with it. The holiday season was coming up and my husband and I were...
don't neglect you postpartum care

Don’t Neglect Your Postpartum Care

No matter if it’s your first baby, or fourth, taking care of a new baby is difficult. Exhaustion, mom guilt, older siblings, and daily responsibilities tend to monopolize a new mom’s attention, putting her...
advice from a teacher

Honest Advice from a Teacher for the New School Year

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” It’s back to school time! Stores have been packed to the brim with back- to-school items for quite some time now. Students and parents are excitedly...
why breastfeeding didn't work for me

Why Breastfeeding Didn’t Work For Me

Giving birth and bringing a new baby into this world is considered a magical and heartwarming experience. On the other hand, it’s also one of the most mentally and physically draining experiences you can...
mental health

My Year Long Mental Health Break

As some of you have already read on this blog, I lost both of my parents in the same year to cancer. My step dad passed in November 2017 and my mom passed...

To Sprinkle, or Not to Sprinkle?

Sprinkles are a growing fad these days. A sprinkle is a light version of a baby shower for moms who have already had their first child. The mere mention of a sprinkle gets a...

Making Memories at Disneyland Your Kids May Not Remember

You are always going to run across people that tell you they will not take their kids to Disneyland until they will remember it. After all, it’s a pricey and a long trip for...

The Many Benefits of Fostering a Dog

Each year both county shelters in Maricopa take in over 30,000 animals. This is done with limited resources and volunteers. Many people adopt their pets from the shelter to help the community and save...

Be Honest – You Laugh at Your Kids

Parenting is a complex emotional roller coaster. When your child was a newborn you waited on the edge of your seat for the first smile and laugh. These signs were proof your child was...

Trying to Parent After Losing Your Own

Being a parent is the most rewarding job there is. I am sure that isn’t the first time you have heard that statement. You never truly know how profound it is until you don’t...
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