Born and raised in the great (but very warm) state of Arizona, Dee is a single mother to a sassy and independent toddler. She became a mommy overnight in 2015 when she fostered her 3 year old niece and 2 year old nephew, and she has a passion and deep respect for all that have experienced the high's and low's of fostering and adopting.

4 Truths About Dating in 2020

Simply put, dating in the modern era is difficult no maTTER WHAT YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES.  (Case in point, that awkward sentence capitalization is brought to you courtesy of my own modern day dating dilemma, my...
single mom

‘Tis The Season to Celebrate Single Mom Life!

The holidays are a trying time for anyone as they bring many more demands and many more stresses. Albeit, they are worth it to experience great moments in our lives with our families and...
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