‘Tis The Season to Celebrate Single Mom Life!


The holidays are a trying time for anyone as they bring many more demands and many more stresses. Albeit, they are worth it to experience great moments in our lives with our families and friends. As a single mom, this holiday season brings me much stress but more importantly… much joy!

single momFor it is this year that my daughter and I truly spend our first holiday season on our own in our own home. It was this time last year that the agreement between my daughter’s father and I had come to an end.  When I became pregnant with my miracle baby girl, we had agreed to spend the first year of her life living together as roommates. (No, that’s certainly not an easy feat!) We/I chose to do this in an effort to live as one household and provide her the life experience to live with both of her parents.

Although we had been separated prior to her coming into our lives, a turn of events caused a few “issues“ that shall be detailed at another time. (Unfortunately, her father is not a present part of her life.) With that said, it is in this chapter of my life that I celebrate the most precious thing that matters to me. My daughter.

Regardless of the circumstances, as a mother my child will always come first.

Everyday as a single mom is a day filled with demands to fulfill the role of two parental figures. Wake up at 6:00 a.m., prepare yourself for the day, prepare your child for the day, nurture, don’t lose your mind (this one is important as you have a toddler and it’s only 7:25 a.m.). By this point you are already about one and a half marathon races in and your muscles ache, but you must keep at it. You don’t give up because you are a warrior!

My days outside of the holiday season are long and my days during the holiday season are even longer.  Yet… I wouldn’t trade it for the world. While I may wake at the crack of dawn and not sit for a breath of air until after the sun has long been set, I am filled with gratitude and love for the little human that I work so hard for.

Daily I struggle to find peace with whether or not I am enough for my darling little girl but then I gaze into those beautiful big blue eyes of hers and listen to her excitedly scream “Scris-mas Lights!” It is in those moments that I am immediately reminded why I run those multiple daily marathons for my precious little angel!

Mommas, if you find that you’re doubting your abilities to love, nurture, cook 500 meals and shop for that hot new toy—don’t do it. YOU are enough and YOU are all that those big blue (or green, or brown, or whatever color) eyes need.

Happy holidays from our little family to yours! May this holiday season bring you “Scris-mas light” joys and many beautiful memories.

PS Momma, you’ve got this! 


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