5 Effective, Easy Ways to Manage the Morning Chaos


If your house is anything like mine, getting out the door in the morning can be a challenge! Running around making sure all 3 kids are fed, dressed and in the car on time can feel a lot like running a marathon. I have found that preparing a few things ahead of time can make my morning little less crazy.

morning chaos

Here are my 5 tips to manage the morning chaos. 

  1. Wake up before the kids. I saw a quote somewhere that said something like “wake up for your kids; not to your kids.” That small quote totally helped shift my mindset each morning. Waking up before my kids allows me to have a few minutes to myself to get my mind and heart ready for the day. I am much more pleasant when I can be the one greeting my children in the morning, not the other way around. This is can be an adjustment if you’re not naturally an early riser, but I promise it is absolutely worth it! 
  2. Have clothes washed and ready to go for the entire week. I started doing this for my older son this school year and it has been so helpful! He wears a uniform to school each day so we already know what he will be wearing but having it all washed and in one place for the entire week makes him getting dressed so much quicker! No more running around the house frantically looking for matching socks or his belt. 
  3. Make lunches & snacks the night before. I do this each night for both of my boys. Even if my preschooler doesn’t have school the following day- I make his lunch and snacks anyway. It never fails that I am right in the middle of feeding the baby and my son wants a snack. Since I have already put together his snacks for the day, he can just grab it himself. 
  4. Have gas in the car. There have been plenty of hectic mornings where we were running just a couple minutes late only to get in the car and realize my gas tank is on empty!  Stopping to get gas can easily add 10 minuets to your morning. Do it the night before! 
  5. Have backpacks & important projects packed and near the door. After finishing homework each afternoon, I ask my boys to pack their backpack with whatever they’ll need for the next day and hang it in the laundry room. Not having to frantically grab books or homework while trying to get out the door for school makes the morning a lot less stressful. 

What about you? What do you do to reduce the morning chaos in your house? 

I hope you find these tips helpful! Try them and let me know how your morning goes. 


  1. I love the first one!!! I know that makes a huge difference on starting my weekends with my son!!! Thanks for all the wonderful tips!!!


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