Top 5 Things I Didn’t Know I Really Needed


Just recently I have been trying to declutter and simplify our home.  In an interest of full disclosure, I jumped on The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, bandwagon—it’s a great read. There are, however, just somethings I cannot get rid of.   We all have our little luxuries.  Things that we once didn’t have and probably don’t really need, but now can’t live without.  Maybe they are just guilty pleasures, or overkill, but they make my life easier and or simply bring joy.  

5 Things I Didn't Know I Really Needed

My Top Five Must Haves:  

1 – Anthropologie Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle in Spiced Cider 

This little gem is one of the loves of my life.  It’s pretty a pretty little (big) soy blend candle that makes my house smell like Christmas all year long.  She is literally perfect, minus the more than I should spend on a candle price tag.  Once the candle is gone the jars and lids make great pretty little catchalls or pots for succulents.  If you can hit a sale, stock up! 

2- Kate Spade 17-month Agenda 

Call me old fashioned, but I am a planner person.  I like having a tangible book to keep up with life.  That being said, I have tried A LOT of different planners.  I have tired pretty much everything from bullet journaling to planners that are more expensive than I want to admit I have spent.  This is the second year I have gone with the Kate Spade.  It is the perfect size for me and simply set up, plus the sticker that come with it are super cute.  Planning has become a therapeutic event for me; it really keeps me on the sane side of crazy.   

3-  Apple Watch 

Like a true hipster, I somehow have become one of those people who can’t leave the house without my Apple Watch adhered to my wrist.  I have never considered myself a tech person, much to my software engineering husband’s demise.  I love having it at work to be able to check in on the kiddos without busting out my phone.  I also love it for logging workouts; it is super motivating and the workout doesn’t seem to count if I don’t log it.  My out of control watch tan proves my love for this little guy.   

4 –  Automatic Egg Cooker 

I actually got this as a 5 year company gift.  We have for sure gotten our use out of it! It has quickly turned into one of my favorite kitchen tools.  We eat a lot of eggs in our house and this little device that I didn’t know I needed make this so easy!  My three year old has come to love poached eggs—he got it from his mama—and we get this bad boy out on the daily.  Not to mention it is easy enough for my husband to be willing to use.  Best gift ever.   

5 – The  Instant Pot 

I was for sure late to game on this one.  It is life changing.  It really takes a lot of the need to plan out of the window.  It gets dinner on the table fast and most of the things I have tried taste awesome.  I have become one of those moms that scourer the interwebs for all things Instantpot recipes.  Can’t stop, won’t stop, get it, get it.  

There we go! All the things I have decided I didn’t know I really needed before I had them.  Also perfect ideas for potential Christmas gifts, even if it’s to yourself.  So let’s hear it friends, what are your must haves?   



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