2016 – New Year, New Hopes, and Lasting Change


new year,new hopes,and lasting change

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  Socrates

Well here it is.  2016.  A new year.  Full of hopes and dreams and lists of all the things we can do better. In past years I have shied away from making New Years resolutions.  I can be a bit stubborn (well maybe really stubborn) and don’t like to make resolutions that I will not keep.  Well this year, I am going to make some changes.  I am going to do things to make me happy.  It may sound very simple when you lay it out like I am going to, but I think most moms will/can relate.  We as mothers have to make ourselves happy in order to make our families happy.  We try so hard to do everything and be there for everyone and often leave ourselves feeling very depleted.

Bring it on 2016, I am announcing to the blog world that I am going to be making some changes in my life!

  • My health.  This is the quintessential go-to New Years resolution.  I will be celebrating my 37th birthday this year and my health is definitely something I need to do be more mindful of.  We are making simple changes at home: not eating out quite so often, making simple and healthy meals at home.  My go-to savior has been to make shredded chicken in my crockpot that can be used for dozens of recipes throughout the week.  I have no self control, so there will be no chocolate or baked goods in my home.  If I am craving something sweet, I will make healthier choices, like a smoothie (chocolate protein powder, PB2, frozen bananas, ice and water or even some coffee if you need a little pick me up!).  I started training with a personal trainer before the holidays and will commit to continue working out 2+ times a week.  For me, eating healthy and working out go hand-in-hand.  Working out keeps me accountable for not shoving all the delicious foods I want into my face!  And, that is saying a lot for me, as I really enjoy my food.
  • Be better with my finances.  This is something I struggle with.  I like to go and eat out.  I like to shop.  A good Target run can cure anything right?!  I will try my best to buy needs vs. wants, which will allow me to put more money aside for my family and our goals.  Eating at home is a huge money saver.  And not going to Starbucks or Dutch Brothers on the reg is also very good for your pockets.
  • Saying no.  Wow, wish it was that easy.  I do not need to have my calendar so full all the time.  Running a blog and a photography business is a lot.  Try to throw in taking care of yourself and your family.  Let alone, trying to get together with your girlfriends… wowza!  I need to have more downtime.  More time to do what I want and what my family wants.
  • Less screen time.  This one has gotten a little out of control.  I spend majority of days in front of my computer.  I need to for work.  But other times, I feel myself gravitating towards my phone… Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, oh my.  Any tips on this one would be greatly appreciated!  I have developed a bad habit, one that I know I need to work on and can be better about.
  • More family (or me!) time.  I think as mothers and business owners, we can easily get lost in the busy.  Being busy means we are being productive.  It seems inherent that if I am not “on the go” all the time, that somehow means I am not living up to whatever crazy supermom expectations I have set in my mind.  Doing nothing or something I want to do for me is okay.  It is more than okay, it is needed.  Needed to be happy.  And to make my family happy.

2015, you were great.  I got engaged to my best friend.  My son started high school.  And I got to travel and experience a whole bunch… some of which was not good, and in fact quite hard, but from hardships we grow.  And learn.  And I am going to make 2016 the year of change.  For me, my son and my soon to be husband.  I am committing to making lasting positive changes in my life.

Did you make any New Years resolutions?  I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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  1. Oooh, the screen time was in a HARD one for me. My oldest got a Kindle for Christmas, and I set up controls so that he has to read or do something educational before he can access his ‘fun” stuff. So I am doing the same thing for myself. I have to do my devotional and read something to help me “grow,” in some way in my life, and THEN I can mindlessly surf Facebook or Pinterest or whatever.

  2. Great post Stacey! This year our family sat down on New Year’s morning and discussed our goals & desires for this year. We came up with about 30 fun & chore related things to do this year. Things like clean out the garage, visit a new place in AZ, plant a garden & save $ to go to Hawaii. I plan to type up the list & put it on the fridge. I look forward to reviewing our list at end of the year to see what we accomplished.

  3. Good ones! One tip for screen time that I use is blocking mode on my phone. For me, if I see/hear that notification light, I just HAVE to check it so I can clear it out, then I’m sucked into another half hour of FB/YouTube/Pinterest. So in the evening, I like to block the notification light and sound, and only allow phone calls to come through. That way I can set my phone down and not be drawn back to it so easily!

  4. I LOVE this post, Stacey! There is something so therapeutic about writing down your resolutions or goals that makes it feel more exciting and even more doable. 🙂 I agree with ALL of them!! I also want to READ this year! Here’s to an amazing 2016!!


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