Where to find the best soup in Phoenix


Where do you find the best soup in Phoenix? We have the answer for you! 

Italian Wedding Soup
Streets of New York – If you are looking for Italian Wedding Soup in Phoenix, this is your spot! Originally named for the ingredients in the soup combining perfectly (like a marriage), Streets of New York’s Italian Wedding Soup lives up to the origin with the classic elements of your grandmother’s recipe with couscous, tomatoes, spinach, sweet red pepper and arguably the star of the soup, miniature meatballs. This warm bowl of Italian comfort food is perfect for the winter and goes perfectly with freshly grated Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top and with a side of flaky garlic bread. www.streetsofnewyork.com

Lemon Chicken Rice Soup 

Pita Jungle – Featured on the local favorite’s Seasonal Kitchen Crafts Menu ‘International Street Flavors,’ Pita Jungle has added a soup perfect for the chilly months in Arizona. The Lemon Chicken Rice Soup combined marinated chicken, turmeric-flavored brown rice, celery, carrots, onions, fresh lemon juice, garnished with arugula. A bonus, this both nutritious, delicious soup is also gluten-free. Available on the menu through late spring. www.pitajungle.com

Vegan Chili
Eat Up Drive In – Vegans and chili fans can rejoice because Eat Up offers a vegan and gluten-free chili made from scratch packed with beans, mushrooms, big chunks of carrots and celery, onions, poblano peppers and topped with a sprinkle of chives. Best part? This vegan chili also comes poured on top of their famous baked potatoes! Whether you like it in a bowl, or over a potato, Eat Up Drive in has chili year-round for curbside, pickup and dine in. www.eatupdrivein.com

Sausage & Fagiolo Soup

The Rosticceria–A traditional Italian dish made up of pasta and beans, this soup is made with simple yet flavorful ingredients. Made with a variety of five beans, escarole, a leafy green that is often found in Italian dishes, sausage and, of course, pasta. The soup is topped with grana, an Italian hard cheese with a sharp flavor melted to perfection. www.therosticceria.com.

Birria Ramen

The Mexicano–A culinary mashup of birria, a stewed beef, and ramen, a type of Japense noodle, birria ramen has gained popularity over the past few years in the Valley and The Mexicano has perfected the flavorful soup. Using ramen noodles, chile-braised beef, birria consommé to make up the broth, the ramen is then topped with a six-minute boiled egg, cilantro, radish, green onion and salsa macha, a slightly spicy, nutty salsa. The Mexicano also serves an Albondigas soup with Mexican meatballs and chipotle broth. www.themexicano.com.

Lobster Bisque
The Montauk’s–At its heart, this bisque is a celebration of coastal flavors. Succulent pieces of lobster take center stage, their sweet and tender meat enriching the velvety bisque with layers of flavor. Enhanced with a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil, the bisque achieves a luxurious, silky texture that delights the palate. Complementing the bisque is a side of grilled ciabatta, perfectly toasted to provide a satisfying crunch and a delightful contrast to the creamy soup. To add a final flourish to this seafood symphony, crispy leeks are delicately scattered atop the bisque. The Montauk also offers a traditional clam chowder accompanied by crackers. www.themontaukaz.com

Chicken Tortilla Soup
Diego Pops – The modern taco spot in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, Diego Pops, has a traditional Mexican soup on the menu (sopa de tortilla) made with tender chicken, a little kick delivered by poblano peppers and corn are in every scoopful. Diego Pop’s tops their Chicken Tortilla Soup off with avocado, a sprinkle of queso Oaxaca and a pile of crunchy, salted to perfection tortilla strips. www.diegopops.com

Where is your favorite soup in Phoenix?! Let us know in the comments! 



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