VOLUNTEER: Frozen Turkey Sunday


Ahhhhhhhhh…Thanksgiving.  Everybody’s favorite holiday, right?  The food, the family–and no presents to buy!

Although some whippersnappers are trying things like duck and tofurkey as alternatives to the traditional bird, pretty much everyone knows that Thanksgiving means turkey and all the trimmings:  cranberries, mashed potatoes, green beans (tell me in the comments why you do, or don’t, do the whole green bean casserole in your family), stuffing and pumpkin pie.  Ohmigosh, I feel full just thinking about it all!

traditional thanksgiving meal

But what if your family wasn’t fortunate enough to have a Thanksgiving table full of holiday delights? What would you do?  Many people here in the Valley turn to Phoenix Rescue Mission.  You can help their efforts to provide Thanksgiving food boxes for up to 1,500 families this year, by attending Frozen Turkey Sunday!

PRM frozen turkey sunday

On November 8, from 11 am – 3 pm, the Phoenix Rescue Mission will host an Open House which includes a free BBQ lunch, a tour of their newly renovated Community Services Center, and musical entertainment for families dropping off a frozen turkey.

kids filling food boxes phoenix rescue mission

My kids and I have visited Phoenix Rescue Mission on several occasions to volunteer in a variety of ways:  we brought popsicles one summer day and handed them out after lunch, we’ve helped sort their donation warehouse, and we’ve organized an Easter Basket drive at our church.  Frozen Turkey Sunday sounds like a great new Thanksgiving tradition for us…and we hope to see you there!

phoenix rescue mission logo

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Lori is an Arizona native, a wife, mother of five, and most recently…a grandmother! She and her husband love traveling through wine country in Arizona and California, and one day hope to open a their own winery. Currently employed as the statewide fundraising manager for MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), Lori and her family enjoy volunteering together, and she hopes to highlight many opportunities for North Phoenix Moms and their families to do the same.


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