No, I’m not “just a mom.”


I’ll never forget how many people asked me when my husband and I made the decision for me to stay home with our boys if I was going to be “just a mom.” My biggest dream of being a stay at home mom was finally coming true, but I was terrified my identity would be lost in the midst of cleaning up Cheerios squished into the carpet and wiping tiny butts all day. This was something I had desperately wanted to do, so we took the leap and discussed how I could continue to be me while also being “just a mom.” 

As I began my journey of being a homemaker, I realized how much I had been doing while I was working full time and being mom and wife full time. No wonder I was having anxiety issues! I quickly gathered and worked hard to find my identity in motherhood and outside of motherhood. Here are somethings that I discovered about myself as a mom and as a woman while I have been staying at home with my kids for my full time job. just a mom“I’m just a mom.” No.

I am a cook. Seriously…I should be on Chopped at some point with the random dinners and lunches I’ve turned into gourmet meals for toddlers and a picky husband. 

I am a nurse healing tiny cuts with Trolls band-aids and cleaning up vomit when the stomach flu strikes. 

I am a teacher with things as broad as why lions and fish don’t both live in the sea and as small as boogers are not real food. 

I am a maid. I clean. Then I clean some more. And some more. And then it’s always messy again, but I do it some more. 

I am a police officer reminding both littles of consequences that happen when we do things that aren’t nice and keeping our family safe. 

I am a magician. You couldn’t taste the spinach pureed into your spaghetti sauce? Magic. That toy you lost months ago and just asked for that I found within minutes? Magic. 

I am a princess, Batman, turtle, you name it. When the three year old wants to play and wants me to be ______, you bet I’m doing it. 

I am a personal shopper for groceries, clothes, and pretty much everyone except myself, but it still makes my heart happy. 

I am a mother. I will go to the ends of the earth to show my kids how much I love them, how much I care that they are happy and know I’m always here if they need anything at all. 

I am a woman. I do things every. single. day. that no man can do. I am the neck that turns the head. I am powerful, capable, and strong because of the fact that I am a woman. 

I was nervous I would lost my identity as I became a stay at home mom. The truth is, I think it helped me find it even more. Do you think it’s possible to be more than “just a mom?” Comment below with your thoughts. 

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Alex was born and raised in Glendale, Arizona and just loves it here! She met her husband when they both were 17 on a blind date and now have the most wonderful, full of energy 1 year old boy! Before having her son, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Arizona Christian University. She was blessed enough to have the opportunity to play on the ACU Women’s Soccer team after she finished playing at Phoenix Community College for a year. Running and exercising are her therapy (along with a cup of coffee or glass of wine here and there ;))! She absolutely loves living life to the fullest and is so excited to be a part of the North Phoenix Mom’s Blog team!


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