Top 5 Things I Love About You


Let me start by talking about my dear friend, Heather. She is probably the most fun, loving friend out there. She is gracious, a joy to be around and is always helping her friends feel loved. It is one of her most endearing qualities – her ability to make others feel appreciated and loved.

When we were much younger, we would be in a car heading out for the night or on a road trip and my dear friend, Heather, had this game we would play: The Top 5 Things I Love About You. Sounds totally crazy right?

Well, she would then proceed to tell me her favorite 5 things about me! By the way, they were never the same 5 things. They usually had to do with the happenings of the day. I mean, how fun is it to hear about your best 5 qualities? Let me tell you, it’s AMAZING! This game always made me feel so important and loved.

Of course, we would all take turns and Heather would give the love as much as she received the love.

When we feel loved and appreciated, it is as if we can conquer the world.

loveRecently, I was in the car with my two daughters and I started by saying “my favorite thing about you is…”.  I only picked one quality for each of our daughters. Then, they each said something about me, which was of course the BEST! It took less than 5 minutes to boost our moods and bring big smiles to our faces.

So far, I’ve done this only a few times, usually in the car and it’s usually something about our day, their kindness, or wonderful talents.

Then the other day, we had a frazzled day. We took a flight home from a trip, arrived home at 5pm, needed dinner and still had to pick up our dog from the pet sitter. We went to the grocery store and our way to pick up our pup, C got upset and said: “I just forgot what I was going to say because E was talking!”  (This happens everyday at our house.

In my frazzled state, somehow I was able to nicely say:

You’ll remember it soon.”

Then E said:

C, You have a good mind, you will remember it later.”

Yes, my heart melted a little bit, but I couldn’t believe it. Unprompted, E was saying a favorite thing about her SISTER!!! Usually they are bickering or arguing; I was shocked.

I can’t thank Heather enough for sharing the love, and for teaching me how easy it can be to make one person feel so loved.


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