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Myself, Elisa and Jessie got together the other week for a night of shopping at some of my favorite local shops!  We shopped at Practical ArtFrances and Smeeks.   We want to remind and encourage all of our followers to check out these (and other local) stores.  It is important to support and buy local whenever you can. Below you will see some items on our “Local Holiday Wish Lists”.  Both Practical Art and Frances, along with 19 other local shops, are part of our HUGE local Giveaway! 🙂 Local Holiday Wishlist2-2a Our first stop of the night was Practical Art.  Practical Art is the only shop in Phoenix to offer handmade, usable items made exclusively by local Arizona artists… I mean, come on, what is not to love?  Not only do they offer beautiful and unique items but they also showcase different artists through out the year with gallery shows and host some really fun events like their Charity Pie Night and Third Friday Happy Hour(s).  Be sure to check out their upcoming shows and events on their Facebook page.  Pictured below left to right are some of my favorite items… on my wish list this year is a Practical Art shirt- love their store and that logo! 🙂  I myself have one of these cute necklaces made of old typewriter keypads… adorbs!  Makes a perfect present.  Their soaps are to die for.. they smell soooo good!!!  And last, but definitely not least, are these glasses made out of wine bottles!  I LOVE THEM!!!  I have a few sets myself and buy them for everyone I know.  My son being the huge Dr. Who fan that he is loves this new artist. The aDORKable pottery is at the top of his wish list as is this beautiful wood checker set both pictured in the bottom row.

Practical Art S

Elisa had this to say about Practical Art: Love that this cute and amazing shop is just a few miles from me!! Practical Art is all things local…yay!! The pottery is amazing! A great gift to give, but I’d take a few pieces for myself. And these rings (pictured far right) are so fun. Loved all their jewelry. The rings particularly are super cute and very affordable.

Practical Art E

And Jessie wanted to share this: What a great shop Practical Art is….with hundreds of one-of-a-kind items made by local artisans, this is the perfect place to find a special gift for a special person this holiday season…. and with an affordable price-tag! Immediately, my eyes were drawn to these tulip wall sconces made of hand blown glass. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I was even more excited to complete some of my holiday shopping when I purchased this plant vase/feeder made of an upcycled wine bottle (umm….perfect!) and these unique Dia de los Muertos glass fridge magnets. Perfect gifts for some family members that they are sure not to get duplicates of this Christmas!! Thank you for that Practical Art!

Practical Art- J

Our next stop was Frances… oh I can do some damage (to my wallet) in this store… the first thing I spotted were these adorable temporary tattoos!  Hello stocking stuffers.  Then there were the socks… I LOVE nerdy socks (one of my personal favorite stocking stuffers to receive).  They have dozens of cute earrings that are very inexpensive for the little girl and little girls at heart.  🙂  I could not  help but laugh out loud when spotting the flasks pictured in the second row below.  The store has an awesome men’s section, adore the AZ home shirt!  Also on my wish list is one of these super cute phone cases.  And I could not get enough of all their locally made AZ loving jewelry.  Santa, I have been a good girl this year, please bring me the necklace pictured on the bottom right. :)!!!

frances S

Elisa found some great gifts at Frances: Frances has so many great gift ideas that I would never think of on my own. I love these books I found at Frances pictured below. The larger ones are educational yet fun and colorful for young kids. The smaller, square books are loved by my one year old. She thinks she can read them and they are so easy for her to carry all around. They are also so convenient for throwing in your purse or bag to tote around while out. The “college ruled” mugs are just cute and different. I love me a new mug for my morning (and afternoon) coffee, and this is a great size. Loving all the Arizona shaped stuff with the star at Phoenix. Showing some local pride!

frances E

And Jessie came across these awesome finds: What is not to love in Frances? Packed full of unique items, the pictures below are just a few of my favorite things. Having spent the majority of my years here in AZ, the adorable state-emblazoned onesie, AZ-shaped coasters and state plaque speak to my desert-dwelling, sun-worshiping soul. Somewhere along the way, I also developed an affinity for license plates, so these abstract metal designs caught my eye (the fact that they are U of A inspired is an added bonus!). I am a busy mama of 2 littles, so chances are, if I don’t write it down, I am going to forget whatever “it” was, so these “Notes to Self” and other super-fun sticky notes were right up my alley. And of course, there were a few “big ticket” items I just had to put on my wish-list. A beautiful orange leather tote and a back-lit inspirational shadow-box that would look stunning on my shoulder and in my home, respectively….top that list. Sigh…maybe Santa will hear me!!

frances J

Our last stop for the night was Smeeks where you can find old time sweets, treats and novelties .  Everything from hand crafted lollipops and caramels to harmonicas,  yo-yo’s and shrinky-dinks.  And they have a photo booth!!!  This is my son’s favorite store and where I do most of his stocking stuffing shopping.

smeeks S

Jessie really enjoyed Smeeks: One of my passions, is childhood nutrition and making mealtime a fun, positive experience. So, when I walked into Smeeks and saw these awesome kiddo feeding items (pictured below), I was super excited!! My kiddos, one boy and one girl, would LOVE the Chow Bots robo utensils!! Veggies are so much more fun when you get to be a robot eating them! And the Food Face plates, well, we already have one of these and my littles fight over who gets to use it that night…  may be time to pick up another one! You really can play with your food…and not make a mess! And finally, the Gymnastic Ribbon Stick….oh my gosh, what fun! My daughter received one from a friend for her birthday and we have been treated to nightly performances with this contraption! She adores it, and we adore her, so it, and Smeeks, is a definite winner in our book!

smeeks J
We had a blast shopping at these amazing stores and are so happy to support and shop local.  If you have any gifts to purchase, be sure to check out these stores along with the 19 others who are part of our biggest GIVEAWAY ever (over $900 in local items!!!).
Local Holiday Wishlist
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  1. Can’t wait to shop Frances and I must have something from Yellow Bungalow! Thank you for introducing us to all of these wonderful local businesses.


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