Christmas and Winter Craft Roundup


Hello Everyone! Happy Holidays!  My daughter and I want to share with you some of the Christmas and winter crafts we have been doing. We enjoyed doing these while listening to Christmas music. It was a fun way to count down the days to Christmas!

Let’s start with my favorite! We made a “stained glass” nativity scene. I cut out a nativity silhouette out of construction paper.  (I found a template here or you can do a google image search for one. Or, if you are really crafty and artistic, freehand it!). This we stuck to contact paper and I had little E stick tissue paper down to create the stained glass effect.DSC_3977 DSC_3978

It looks so pretty hanging in our window!DSC_3979

We also did a thumbprint candy cane. So easy! This one would make a great card or keepsake for the grandmas! Just alternate red and white thumbprints. Easy!DSC_3980

We did some Christmas lights with a chalk “glow”. I cut a stencil out of cardboard and had her trace it with chalk. Then we used our fingers to create the glow and added a string.1284

Potato stamping is a fun activity my daughter enjoyed! We made snow men. I let them dry overnight, then had her add the details (eyes, mouth, buttons) with a marker the next morning.DSC_3919DSC_3920

I love how they look hanging in her play room.DSC_3975

For our Rudolph and his green nosed friend (?) we glued pom poms and google eyes to pine cones. We used pipe cleaners wrapped around the pine cone for their legs and antlers.DSC_3911DSC_3912

This was a fun new material we had never played with before. We used Model Magic to make ornaments. This was so much fun, made even more so because we did this project with friends. The kids loved making an afternoon of it. We simply rolled out the dough, used cookie cutters for the shapes and a straw to make a hole. Once they were dry, we put a ribbon through the hole and hung them on the tree. I also put some on Christmas packages. I wrote my daughter’s name and the year on the back with a Sharpie. DSC_3732DSC_3915

This little tree is a craft we have done for the past few years. E really likes it and it’s so easy! Cut out a tree shape (or draw one and have your kiddo cut it out) and punch holes in it with a hole punch. Then use a glue stick or tape to place tissue paper over the back, making sure the holes are all covered. The result is “lights”.  We ended up hanging this one on our tree as well.

This fun little snowflake was made with a group of MOMS Club friends one sparkly afternoon at the library. Use a glue gun or glue to make the star shape out of popsicle sticks. Put some more glue on the surface, then dip in glitter. The major glitter spill that followed this fun is optional, and not really recommended. But the kids had fun! And we got a nice ornament out of it.


I hope you have found some time to enjoy crafting with your little one this holiday season! These crafts and many, many, many more can be found on Pinterest!

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Eileen has been married to her husband, Eric, an Air Force officer, since 1998. A pharmacist by trade, she worked that gig for ten years until her promotion to full time stay-at-home mom in 2009. Eileen and Eric have one daughter, Little E, who is a feisty little girl obsessed with Octonauts. As a military family, they move every 3-4 years, most recently from Southern Virginia to Arizona. They have lived in the Phoenix area since July 2012 and love the southwest! Hopefully they have found their “forever” home. Eileen’s passions and hobbies include photography, reading, travel, cooking, doing creative projects with her daughter, hiking and working out. She can often be found sipping a latte at Starbucks, looking for the next great read at Barnes and Noble, or browsing Ulta for the latest beauty find.



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