Introducing a New Pick Up and Delivery Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service for you! (plus a coupon code)


What is it about laundry!?! It takes forever to complete. The kids NEVER ever have empty laundry baskets. The folding and sorting all the clothes is just exhausting. And if we are only running our washer and dryer during peak times, it is impossible to get it all done in a day along with everything else on our to-do lists

Well, lucky for all of us busy moms, we found a local laundry company that makes all of these headaches disappear. 2ULaundry is a premium, on-demand pick up and delivery laundry service that allows customers to send their laundry AND dry cleaning to a team of professionals who will do a much better laundry job than I could ever do! All of it is easily scheduled through the 2ULaundry app.

I got to try out the 2ULaundry service for myself. I selected the date for pick up and delivery. The day before my pick up date, the team dropped off a welcome kit for us. It included a bag for our wash and fold clothes, a linens bag for sheets and towels, and a bag for our dry cleaning.

The dry cleaning options make such a difference versus other laundry companies! It is rare to find one that offers both laundry and dry cleaning, plus pick up and delivery!

The day of our laundry pick up, we received a friendly reminder text from 2ULaundry to make sure we remembered to leave our bags on the front porch. The team came by and picked up the bags and we got the clean clothes back the next day. 

It was lovely receiving the bag of clean clothes back. Everything was professionally folded and looked so nice. The 2ULaundry team saved me so many hours of time!  


We are so lucky that they are available in the Phoenix Metro Area. Download the app to try the 2ULaundry services and you will see how easily the team makes your laundry headaches disappear.

Phoenix Moms followers can use this coupon code (PHXMOM50) for 50% off their first three uses. Thank you 2ULaundry!

Thank you to 2ULaundry for being a sponsor of Phoenix Moms and providing us with laundry service so we could bring this great info to you!


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