I Want to Remember…



Has your child ever said something so cute or funny and you think to yourself “I really want to remember that?” Days later, or even moments later, the thought is fleeting and you’re racking your brain trying to remember what it was that was said? I can’t stand that. These precious things our babies say are memories we want to look back on, and because of our “mommy brains”, it leaves us for good!

I realized this years ago and started a journal for each of my children. Within these pages are quotes made by my sweet babies, starting from their first words, to the present. My oldest daughter and I just sat and looked through her book a few months back and we were literally crying and rolling on my bed laughing so hard. From cute words that she mispronounced like “yogurt” being “ogrit”, or “remember” being “reNember”, “pregnant” being pronounced “pargnant”…and the list goes on. Or when she told the woman at the store that she had just gone to a “lipstick dance class”, meaning a “make-up dance class”, or the time when Sydney was sick and we took her to the doctor and the pediatrician said to her “you sure are a clever little thing, aren’t you?” And Sydney replied “yes, and I am curious, too!” (age 3.5) Had I not written these things down in her journal there is no way I would have remembered them. After we laughed hysterically over the pages and pages of her very own sayings, she said “this thing needs to be published!” (Guess what went down in the journal…that very quote!)

I also suggest keeping them handy so that you can grab it on a whim. I have found if I store it some place that I can’t grab it quickly, it doesn’t get written in near as often.

Something I would like to add to this thought, is an encouraging word to journal yourself. Not just of cute things our kiddies say, but a journal for you, mom, to write your thoughts, your struggles, your prayers…anything that you are dealing with in life. It is such a powerful thing to read back over journal entries from years past to see how you’ve changed, or grown, or even regressed. I am so very thankful for keeping track of my thoughts over the years…and also of course writing down the words of my babies who will one day read these books and be so thankful I did this for them. Sydney, my oldest, is now 18 and a month away from graduating from high school.  I can’t wait to put these quotes with photos on a slideshow for her graduation celebration…which will be a post for a later date.

Bye for now…and go buy those journals! 🙂


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