Fashion + Beauty Friday – Agave Healing Oil Review





Hello fabulous mommas!  Welcome to the first Fashion & Beauty Friday of the new North Phoenix Moms Blog!


Recently, Birchbox sent me a bottle of Agave Healing Oil, which is an oil treatment for hair.  If you don’t know about Birchbox, click here to check them out.  They are a subscription box company that specializes in beauty and health products, along with an online shop, and many resources for all things beauty related.  Their subscription box is only $10 a month and they send makeup, face, hair, and body products to you!  It’s AWESOME! Like I said, check them out!

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Back to the Agave Healing Oil… the bottle says it “smoothes, restores & transforms unmanageable frizzy hair.”  Well my hair is unmanageable many days and especially frizzy this time of year.  I feel like during summer time, I am extra hard on my hair between the constant sun exposure, chlorine from swimming, and shampooing more often because I am a sweaty mess in this heat!  So, a little healing oil sounds like what I need.

The directions say to “work a small amount through damp/dry hair, blow-dry & iron.”  I have used the oil several times in a few different ways.  Although, I am not sure what “damp/dry” is, (half damp and half dry or is that an option for either?) I have used it on towel-dried hair and on dry hair.  As for the blow-drying and ironing part, I have only done that once.  Sorry, but who wants to blow-dry their hair or use a hot iron in this heat?!  Not me!

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I have noticed that this product makes my hair very soft and not nearly as frizzy near the roots.  Usually I have lots of crazy frizz on the top of my head, especially when I try to smooth that part out, and after using this oil, those crazy hairs are pretty much gone!  The bottle comes with a dropper top that makes it very easy to only get a few drops, which is all you need and the oil is not sticky or heavy at all when worked into your hair.

I am happy with this product and am planning on making it a normal part of my hair routine.  If you are interested, you can purchase this product from the Birchbox Shop.



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