A List of the Best Board Games for Family Game Night


If your house is anything like mine, you’re busy. Between work, school, kids, after-school activities and just life, WE ARE BUSY! Sometimes, I go to bed at night wondering how the entire day went by without any real quality time with my kids. Because of that, I have made a huge effort the past 8 months or so to be more intentional about my time with my children. My boys crave quality time with us, and they absolutely freak when we say the words, “Family Game Night!” They love this time that we set aside to unplug and enjoy quality time together as a family. I really love this time together, too. 

Here are 5 of our favorite games to play together for a family game night! 


Sequence for Kids: This is a younger version based on the original game, Sequence. It’s super simple to learn & knowing how to read is not required, so even the younger kiddos can play without help. The box says it’s recommended for ages 3 through 6, but my almost 8 year old still really likes to play. My husband and I really like it, too! This is definitely the most played game in our house. 

Sorry: This is a classic game that I’m sure you remember playing when you were growing up. But, Sorry now has two new twists! There’s an “Ice Power-Up” and “Fire Power-Up” that makes this classic game even more fun. This game is recommended for ages 6 and up but with a little bit of help, younger kids can enjoy this game, too. 

Zingo: This one is like “Bingo with a Zing!” Each player gets a card with 9 pictures on it. You slide the Zinger to show 2 picture tiles. You want to be the first to grab the tile that matches an image on your card. The first one to completely fill their card shouts “Zingo!” and wins the game! My husband and I get super competitive when we play this one. The recommended age for Zingo is 4 and up. There are other versions of this game, too. Sight words, numbers, telling time and even a bilingual version! Zingo has won several awards for Best Toy & I would absolutely agree with that! 

Mouse Trap: Another classic game! I remember playing this with my brother when we were growing up. My boys love building the trap and sending each other to the Cheese Wheel to try to capture their mouse. The recommended age for Mouse Trap is 6 and up. Again, with a little help, your younger kids can totally enjoy this game, too. 

Quick Cups: This one is so fun!! Each player gets a set of 5 colored cups. Flip over the card and race to stack your cups in the same color order shown on the card. I like that this game can be modified depending on who is playing. For younger kids, you can have them just stack the cups in color order based on the picture. For older kids, you can have them stack the cups or line them vertically or horizontally depending on the picture on the card. Ring the bell after you correctly line up your cups and you win that round. The person with the most cards at the end of 24 quick rounds wins! Recommended age for Quick Cups is 6 and up but can be modified for younger kids, too. 

What about you mamas? Which games do you play for family game night? Or, what does your family like to do together at home? Let me know in the comments. I’m always looking for new, fun ways to connect with my family. 


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