Rachel Bronson

After more than a decade in the Windy City--and a two-year stay in Dallas, TX-- Rachel Bronson is thrilled to be back in her native city to raise her three kids along with her best friend and husband of 11 years, Dan. Life with twin seven-year-old girls and a crazy three-year-old little man is always busy, but Rachel, a former journalist and middle school English teacher, loves to write and is passionate about empowering and helping fellow mamas embrace real and raw motherhood. A longtime anxiety warrior, Rachel is also passionate about sharing her struggles and how she fights anxiety and perfectionism with heavy doses of personal development, mindset work, and lots of sweating to home workouts! When she’s not writing, working out, or momming, Rachel can likely be found meal prepping, baking, reading, listening to another podcast, or watching the next episode of a binge-worthy Netflix show with her husband.
brain fog

Want to Get Rid of Brain Fog? Consider Getting Off Instagram for Good

Feeling like you have mom brain years after your precious little angels were born? What if your tiny tyrants aren't to blame for your foggy noggin? What if the culprit would be traced back...

Bunions Beware: What I Learned, and the 411 for Your Feet

Oooh girl. It’s not like I feel super sexy most of the time as a mom, but I definitely didn’t feel super sexy sitting in the podiatrist’s office last week, watching as he examined...

Is The Artificial Grass Greener Than The Real Thing?

Although a messy and costly process, Mary Scot Boyce and her husband, Matt, love their new and, well, “unreal” lawn. A few months ago, the Scottsdale-based parents of two young kids, ages 6 and...
start reading

Three Tips to Start Reading YOUR Books Again

Admit it: You love Good Night Moon and The Hungry Caterpillar as much as the next mom, but at the end of the day, you secretly long for a few minutes to escape into...
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