A Workshop That Will Inspire Your Spirit and Ignite Your Soul

I attended the Radical Self Love Workshop by The Zen Bird for free in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are honest and my own.

As moms we can easily forget to take care of ourselves in the everyday hustle and bustle of life.  We try our hardest to make sure our family, household, commitments, jobs and/or business, and friends are all taken care of.  Every time I feel like I am doing well in one category, I fall behind in another. I continually struggle with finding the balance of being a good mom, wife, friend and business owner.  This never ending struggle of balance seems impossible… and defeating as a woman who wants to do it all and make everyone happy.  There just isn’t enough time in the day and no matter how hard I try to make sure everyone’s needs and my obligations are met, I forget about one very important person… myself.

Recently, I have tried to make a more conscious effort to “stop doing” and just “be.”  My brain starts on overdrive from the second I wake up in the morning: replying to texts, emails and social media messages (a lot of times from my phone in bed!) and sometimes this does not end until very late at night.  I am trying to tell myself the to-do list can wait and have come to the realization that I can disconnect, enjoy and take care of me.  And in return, I will be able to do a much better job of taking care of others as my heart, soul and spirit will be replenished. 

I started what I am calling the “detoxifying” of bad habits: working after business hours, continually seeming to work, and ultimately, never stopping until I get sick or crash out of pure exhaustion. I’m “detoxifying” these bad habits by making self-care and love a priority. I was thrilled when I heard about the Radical Self Love Workshop by the Zen Bird as I had attended a Vision Board workshop a couple of years prior by a friend and the much loved Marian, the founder and owner of The Zen Bird.  She is such a positive and amazing woman.  To be in her presence and to listen to her words during a workshop was surely just what I needed to start my “detoxifying” journey.  

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The workshop was more than I had hoped for.  I attended with some fellow mompreneurs and was so inspired by everyone’s openness and honesty during our discussions.  The two hours flew by in a flash! I could have stayed ALL day.  The part of the workshop that resonated with me the most was when Marian asked us to close our eyes and say to ourselves,

I love you, Stacey. I appreciate you, Stacey.”

She asked we repeat this a couple of times, addressing ourselves with our names.  I was not expecting to fight back the tears.  How often do we do this?  Me, personally?  Never.  This workshop was exactly what I needed. It solidified this journey of wanting to take care of and love myself, which in return will allow me to take care of and love others, be happier, healthier and more fulfilled.  

The Zen Bird offers many workshops.  Her next, sure to be empowering, workshop is Body Image on March 26th.  I am already signed up for my next one, Meditation 101, which I proudly signed up for on my own (this never happens!) because of something we touched on in the workshop.  Doing things for you, by yourself, is not only okay but good for you!!  So time to pull on my big girl panties and start rocking this self-love thing!  

What are some ways you take care of yourself?  Any tried and true self-love rituals you can share?  I would love to know!   

Big thanks go to… The Teapot for the amazing venue, coffee, quiche and salad. Darlin darlin for the sweet treat. Paige Poppe for the beautiful watercolor print. Sarah Hoag for your time and talents documenting the event (both photos with me in them courtesy of her! xoxo). Katrina Fox for coordinating the workshop. My fellow girl bosses Paige, Ashley and Jessica – so glad we went to this!!  And last but not least, Marian aka The Zen Bird, thank you for motivating each and every one of us to feel worthy of self-love.  



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