WVMB’s Favorite Things: Top 20 Gifts for Mom + 2 More!


We are all excited about Mother’s Day here at WVMB! We think that moms are pretty special and deserve to be spoiled (at least) one day a year! Can I get an AMEN?! 🙂

If you are stumped as to what to gift these amazing ladies, look no further! We’ve decided to give you a list of our favorite things. There are even a few great local gift ideas. Woop! Happy Mother’s Day shopping mamas!

1. A coffee mug. Because EVERY mom needs coffee, and a fancy (or personalized cup) makes it taste better!

2. Cookbook stand. I know that lots of ladies out there use their IPad or something similar as their “cookbook” now-a-days, but lucky for you they make specialty ones for exactly that! Oh, and a good ol’ normal one does the job too!

3. New Clothes. Whether it’s for working out or casual dress around town, moms definitely love something new/fresh to wear!

4. Unique wine glasses. These little gems are LOCAL. Oh yeah! Wine bottle glassware from Practical Art. These babies are recycled and turned into urban drinking glasses. Moms will definitely feel more “hip” drinking from these neat glasses!

5. Gift certificate for a facial treatment. Another LOCAL treat! Healthy Skin AZ offers some wonderful treatments and a couple of our contributors can even vouch for how great they felt after. So worth a visit and I guarantee your mom will feel well loved and rejuvenated!

6. DIY canvas art with your kids’ handprints/footprints. What mom doesn’t love to document those sweet little features?! It’s sure to be a hit!

7. Jewelry with kids’ birthstones or initials. There is something about “wearing” you kids around your neck that reminds you of how much they mean to you!

8. Gift certificate for massages, manicures, and/or pedicures. I don’t think this needs a description. What mom doesn’t love these?

9. Bathtub Caddy. Giving mom some much needed alone time coupled with a glass of wine and a good book is a sure-fire way to make her feel loved and appreciated!

10. Visit a local home boutique for a specialty gift! Personal Touch by DC Designs is LOCAL and has something for everyone. Gifts always feel more special when they are sought out and unique!

11. Bracelets. Places like Ginger Snaps and Hazel & May (LOCAL!) make some very affordable, stylish bracelets that are sure to accessorize any outfit!

12. Stacking Rings. There are some really cute and specialized stacking rings for Mother’s Day like these! Again, the perfect accessory.

13. New plants for her garden. If your mom is into gardening, this is an excellent gift! Not to mention the gift it will be to YOU to see it grow as well!

14. Flowers. When in doubt always buy flowers… Always! 😉

15. A gift card to Starbucks, The Coffee Bean, or another local tea/coffee place!

Lastly, here are some FREE options! Because who doesn’t love free?!

16. Coupons. Give her a stack of home-made coupons for a night off from dishes, cooking, putting the kids to bed, doing the laundry, etc. This gift is truly priceless!

17. A day away. Sometimes moms won’t admit it, but a day alone can do wonders for her sanity! Get her out of the house. Let her spend a day away so her clothes won’t get spit up on, she can eat a warm meal, and drink her coffee hot! Sending her off with a good book couldn’t hurt either… and if she’s lucky, pair it with a mani/pedi and she’s all set!

18. Sleeping in. OH.MY.GOODNESS. Sleep, precious sleep. This should be a given on her special day. Really. Do it, just do it. Don’t think about it…just do it! Really, I mean it…. BEST. GIFT. EVER.! Written from one seriously over-tired mama! Ha!

19. Sunrise or sunset hike. If your mom is outdoorsy, this is great. Sharing a memory together is something she won’t forget!

20. Have a tea party. Let’s get real…there are lots of ladies who never really let that inner little girl go who loves a fancy tea party. Make some of her favorite treats, set the table, pick some flowers, stick ’em in a vase, and make some tea (maybe iced since this IS Arizona!). Have everyone go around and say something special about mom out loud or have it written in a card. This is sure to make her day!

Local BONUS! If you want to make your mom’s day is that much more special, book a session with local photographer (and WVMB contributor!) Stacey with Dream Photography Studio! She is offering mini sessions for Mother’s Day, so grab it while you can- they go FAST! 😉 Your mom will LOVE it!

Dream Photography Studio- Phoenix Photographer- Mothers Day- West Valley Moms Blog

Psst! A sure way to make mom smile would be to print off one of these super-cute printables made by Just Us Three Design (another fabulous WVMB contributor!). Throw it in a frame and give it as a gift to mom or use it as décor for your Mother’s Day festivities! Click HERE and it’ll take you to her shop to purchase one of your own!


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