An Ode and Goodbye to the Wubbanub


This is dedicated to all the parents breaking out in cold sweats over the thought of losing the pacifier.

Be strong.

wubbanubOh WubbaNub! Oh WubbaNub!
You won over our hearts
I instantly knew our time with you
Would not soon depart

You’re a calmer and soother
Providing peace within our house
How do you work such magic
When you’re no bigger than a mouse?

 You are part of us
We are part of you
You’ve take the brunt of bodily fluids
Even a little poo

We’ve traveled across the country
You’re in family photos galore
I’m sort of getting sick of you
Will you be with us evermore?

Twelve months is all I wanted
Because their teeth are getting buck
We tried to say goodbye to you
Without any luck

It wasn’t quite time.
Instead we left you in the beds.
Occasionally in the car.
But you are always in their heads

We visited the doctor
She said you needed to go
We tried to go cold turkey
But they boys wanted to take it slow

 Next we tried pickle juice
And added lime
We dipped you in, they took a suck
It really took no time

They went to bed with tears
For only a few days
We are so very thankful
Forever and always!


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