What In The Word?! Bummit, Wine O’Clock, Hangry and More


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The Oxford Dictionary has finally verified what I’ve always known. “Hangry” really is a word. I’ve lived and breathed it many times (just ask my husband) and I know many of you mamas have too. Whether you’ve personally experienced a “hangry” moment or two, or stuffed some cheese into a little mouth before the irritable monster appeared, “hangry” is a feeling you just can’t deny. And now the good folks at Oxford can’t either. A couple weeks ago, “hangry” made it into the official Oxford English Dictionary along with other words like awesomesauce, butt-dial, wine o’clock, fur baby and my personal favorite… mkay.

All these new words got me to thinking about the words and phrases my little guy says and just what they mean. So I’ve compiled a small list that I call “The Miles Files.”

Miles x 3
Photo Credit: Dream Photography Studio

Bummit: (buhm’ it) Expletive. To be disappointed.

Miles: Mommy, can I have a new toy?

Me: No Miles. Clean your playroom.

Miles: Bummit.

The first time he said this, I cracked up. Now instead of “bummer” my husband and I always say “bummit” and it totally works. You should try it.

Collection: (kuhlek-shuh n) Miscellaneous items found on the ground, i.e. trash.

Miles: Mommy, look at this piece of (insert object here: stick, rock, plastic bottle cap, coin, gum wrapper, sequin, straw, ripped paper… I could go on, but I won’t.) I’m going to take it home for my collection.

Me: Uhhh… mkay.

Dickoball: (I don’t think I need a pronouncer for this one but I’ll do it anyway… dik oh bahl)

Miles: Mommy, we had a dickoball at preschool today.

Now I could have stopped right there, but my inquisitive journalistic mind just needed to know.

Me: What do you mean Miles? Say it again.

Miles: A dickoball.

Me: A dickoball?

Miles: (Frustrated and rolls eyes) No mommy a dickoball… like this… (At that point he turns on the overhead light and fan in the living room and the light comes on.)

Me: Ohhh… a disco ball… mkay.

Kaporridge: (ka-por’ ij) A race car.

“Kaporridges” Photo Credit: Shawn St. Peter Photography

This is the weirdest word by far so let me set it up by saying that we are in the process of redecorating the playroom. We found some prints online of race cars and dinosaurs.

Me: Which do you like better to hang up in your playroom?

Miles: I want the kaporridges.

Me: These? The race cars?

Miles: Yeah, the kaporridges.

Me: Uh… mkay.

What words or phrases do your kids say that could one day make it into the Oxford English Dictionary?


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  1. Ha! Love this! Em’s new word is goo-spit. At first I thought she was talking about a goose spitting. it hit me that Em had a cold and had snot, aka goo, hence goo-spit!


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