Why We Choose Organic Valley Milk…and a Recipe for a Summertime Treat

organic valley milk

I bet many of you shop for milk just like how I used to shop in the dairy section of the grocery store. I used to just pick the cheapest gallon of milk, or I would pick the one with the longest expiration date. I really thought that all milk was the same and that it didn’t really matter which milk brand I bought.

organic valley milkThen I learned about Organic Valley and the cooperative of thousands of small, family-owned organic farmers that all work together to produce delicious, organic dairy for us. These family farms have a unique passion for protecting the environment, and caring for their animals in a way that promotes their health and all of ours. Read all about one local farm providing our milk here. My family and I think it is so neat to read all about this family and the lovely farm that they have created.

I buy Organic Valley products because I can trust that the milk and cheese has been ethically made, and I like that my purchase helps local family farmers in our rural communities. It really matters to me that my milk, eggs and cheese purchase is being created on farms that are protecting the environment and treating animals the way farm animals deserve to be treated, with fresh air and lush grassy pastures. Organic Valley cows are outside 50% more than the USDA organic standards require, leading to happy, healthy cows, which make nutrient-dense organic milk.

Make at home pudding pops recipe

One of my favorite treats growing up in the 80s and 90s was pudding pops in the summer. What a great dessert. It is cold, creamy and combines a popsicle with pudding. Yum. And they couldn’t be easier to make. Take any box of flavored pudding and two cups of Organic Valley milk. Follow the instructions on the box and then pour into your popsicle molds. Freeze and in a few hours, they will be ready to enjoy! I love using the butterscotch or pistachio flavored pudding for some unexpected but delicious flavors that you can’t find in the grocery store. 

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For additional entries, make sure you LIKE each Organic Valley post you see live on our platforms in the coming month!

Thank you to Organic Valley for sponsoring Phoenix Moms and for educating us about the value of supporting their cooperative group of farmers.


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