When It’s Okay To Leave Your Child In An Unattended Vehicle


child in unattended vehicle

With summer coming I know that we will all start to dread the high temperatures. The extremely unfortunate truth is that for some children that heat will be deadly. So when is it okay to leave your child in an unattended vehicle you may be wondering?


No matter how inconvenient, or how quickly you’re just going to run in somewhere, do not leave your child in an unattended vehicle. 

I was recently shopping with my family and saw a public service announcement poster that had some quick facts about summertime car safety. I thought that I would share these facts with you! Because nobody intends for their child to overheat in a car.


  • A 72 degree day could be life threatening to a child left unattended in a car.
  • There have been 606 child deaths from extreme heat conditions from 1998-2013.
  • In just 10 minutes a car temperature can rise by 20 degrees on a sunny day.
  • A child’s body temperature rises 5x faster than an adults.
  • Organs start to shut down at 107 degrees.
  • Parking in the shade and leaving windows open will do little to cool a car down.
  • Lock your vehicle when you aren’t in it. It will help keep kids from climbing inside while unattended.
  • ALWAYS wake a sleeping baby if it means not leaving them unattended in a car.


Avoid heatstroke by never leaving your child unattended in a vehicle

Create personal reminders so you don’t forget. Leave your cellphone or purse in the back. There are even apps that will remind you!

Take action if you see an unattended child or dog! It’s the difference between life and death!

Image and Fact Sources: AAA Exchange, Cooks Children

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