What’s for Dinner???


The ultimate question that is asked every day, by not only your spouse, by your kids, and sometimes 3 times a day! I struggle nightly, weekly, and sometime daily with new meal plans. I cannot be the only woman who looks for new recipes and walks aimlessly around the grocery store looking for that one ingredient that you only need a pinch of.  Pictures- oh recipe books that have pictures, total sucker for pictures. If it looks good on the picture, better bet I’m making it! However, you then get to the cash register and your bill is more than taking all 3 of my kids and husband to the Outback, and I have to do all the work! Well do I have the perfect fix- Its called eMeals. If you have never heard of this before please check it out NOW by clicking the eMeals link above.

Short version on how eMeals works:

  • You pick the store you shop at (Krogers, Wal Mart, Safeway etc.)
  • From there you then can pick more specific meals such as gluten free, low carb, low fat etc)
  • You print your 7 day list of meals. Best part it tells you where each item is in the store and how much each item is ranging from $70-$100 for 7 meals
  • Are you ready? Here is the kicker… its ONLY $5 A MONTH!!! I almost forgot to mention you print everything off right from your computer. Print and GO!

The recipes are super quick, easy, and delicious. For many of us, regular meal planning is tough, but knowing what you’re having for dinner each night at the beginning of the week is so relaxing.




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