What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it is of utmost importance that I make a P.S.A on what moms really want for Mother’s Day. Let’s face it, our partners can struggle with ideas of what to get us, and we struggle with what they end up getting us. In order to make this process easy and pain free for everyone, I compiled the list below for easy reference.

I surveyed a large group of women and the items below were most mentioned as desirable Mother’s Day gifts.

Significant Others… make sure your note pad is ready!

 1. Sleep!!! This may sound like a given, but it is often ignored. A handful of moms surveyed said they just want a day to sleep in, knowing that the kiddos have been fed, clothed, and taken out of the house for a couple hours. I like to remind my husband of this phrase: Rested wife, happy life!

Mother's Day Gifts

2. ALONE TIME in any form. We would really appreciate alone time to do whatever makes us happy. Maybe it’s simply time to read a book or organize the closet, or even grocery shop. The reality is, even if it’s mundane, we typically don’t do it alone! We would also love to spend 45 minutes alone in the bathroom without a child running in or interrupting us.

Mother's Day Gifts

3. Unrestricted spa day. Meaning a day of pampering without worrying or getting text messages about what the kids should eat or when I am coming home.

Mother's Day Gifts 4. Time with our girlfriends. A time that so many moms are seriously deprived of. We would really appreciate the opportunity to spend some quality therapeutic time with our girlfriends. If you really want to impress your wife make reservations to a local hot spot for her and her friends.

Mother's Day Gifts

5. A Cleaning Service. Hire someone to deep clean the house. You will make the lady of the house ecstatic. Better yet, do it once month, or few months and you will be racking up the bonus points. 

6. Family Time. Take the family out to brunch and to the park for the morning. BONUS POINTS if you take the lead on getting the kids ready and allow mom to eat a hot meal.

7. Mom Centered Items. Coffee gift cards, quality workout clothes, a wine membership, membership to a meal delivery service or a high quality purse that can double as a diaper bag.

If you’re an overachiever like me, then you are asking for all of the above. I plan to start the day to a perfectly clean house by sleeping in, slowly rolling out of bed to enjoy a relaxing and quiet shower, followed by brunch with the family. After that, I plan to get a massage and facial and ultimately meet my girlfriends for a dinner and drinks, while my husband prepares our son a healthy and delicious meal.

Is there anything I missed? If so comment below with your Mother’s Day wish list.


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