West Valley Moms on Instagram in July


Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the Summer months as they come to an end, as well as hopefully the heat! If you’re new around here West Valley Moms is on Instagram! Instagram is a fun and easy way to share pictures with your friends and family, all from the convenience of your smart phone, both the iPhone and the Android!

FOLLOW US! Are you on Instagram? Come follow us at @wvmomsblog for glimpses into what fun things are happening on the blog and in our community.

IN JULY :: We celebrated the 4th of July! Hope you had a great one! We had some fun playdates and tried to keep cool at the WestGate Splashpad and fun times at the library (pictures by @kaefam). We also had some of our giveaway winners show off their goods (pictures by @mandashea717 and @eclectic_mommy). Thanks for sharing your photos ladies, keep them coming!

BE FEATURED! Remember if you’re doing something fun in the West Valley, attending a special event, visiting a local landmark, or just want to share what you’re up to with other West Valley Moms…be sure to TAG US! In the comments of your photos, tag us with @wvmomsblog, #westvalleymoms or #wvmomsblog  for a chance of a “shoutout” or feature from our account or on the blog! Each month we’ll be rounding up tagged photos to feature YOU!

#PHOTOADAY! Have you heard of #PHOTOADAY? It is a daily photo prompt that was started by blogger Chantelle of FatMumSlim. It’s popular on Instagram because you can tag your photo and check out what other IGers are doing as well. If you’re interested, jump on in! Here’s a quick overview of how to play, and here’s the list for #PHOTOADAYAUG!

APP HIGHLIGHT! Each month we highlight a fun photo app that you can use in conjunction with Instagram.

The app highlight for this month is Bubble Frame for the iPhone and iPad. Sorry! I couldn’t find a version for Android, but let’s hope they’re working on it! Bubbleframe is a unique and creative way to showcase your favorite pictures using adjustable “bubbles” for your frames. Building as many or as little bubbles as you choose and then filling them with pictures, patterns or colors gives you endless possibilities. If you follow me on Instagram, you can see some of the compositions I’ve put together with this fun app here and here.

Hope to see you around on Instagram! And if you took pictures of your Fabulous 4th using Instagram, again be sure to tag us with @wvmomsblog, #westvalleymoms or #wvmomsblog so we can feature YOU next month!


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