West Valley Moms on Instagram in December


Happy New Year West Valley Moms! Ready for another great year? If you’re new around here West Valley Moms is on Instagram! Instagram is a fun and easy way to share pictures with your friends and family, all from the convenience of your smart phone, both the iPhone and the Android!

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IN DECEMBER INSTAGRAM:: We asked you to share some of your holiday decor! Here are some more fun and festive Halloween pictures we’ve received, featuring West Valley Moms @vitagirl and @anightowlblog:

West Valley Moms December Instagram Decor Features

And as always, if you’re doing something fun around the West Valley, we want you to tag us! Here we have some photos shared with us by West Valley Moms @jenastreet @eclectic_mommy and @anightowlblog. Thanks for sharing ladies!

West Valley Moms December Instagram Event Features

#PHOTOADAY! Have you heard of #PHOTOADAY? January is a great time to start a #photoaday project! Chantelle of FatMumSlim provides the prompts for the popular #FMSPhotoaday project. Here’s a quick overview of how to play, and here’s the list for January!

January #FMSPhotoaday

APP HIGHLIGHT! Each month we highlight a fun photo app that you can use in conjunction with Instagram.

My365 Photo App

The app highlight for this month is My365 for the iPhone and Android. My365 is a photo calendar app that allows you to capture your memories! It has filters like Instagram, but what it’s great for is storing, tracking, displaying and sharing your photo-a-day projects in a calendar form! There are so many uses when you think about what you would want to track visually over a year, whether it be a photo-a-day prompt, a resolution, or the growth of your little ones! And what better time to start than NOW!

BE FEATURED! Remember if you’re doing something fun in the West Valley, attending a special event, visiting a local landmark, or just want to share what you’re up to with other West Valley Moms…be sure to TAG US! In the comments of your photos, tag us with #westvalleymoms or @westvalleymoms for a chance of a “shoutout” or feature from our account or on the blog! Each month we’ll be rounding up tagged photos to feature YOU! Hope to see you around on Instagram!


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