Homemade Vanilla Extract :: An Easy and Thoughtful Gift


Now that the holidays are upon us, and if you are anything like me, I am always looking for fun and thoughtful homemade gifts that we can give to teachers, friends, family, and all the hosts of the beautiful holiday parties we attend! My go-to gift is homemade vanilla extract. Not only is it guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind, it’s a baking staple that we all use year-round. Homemade vanilla extract is easy to make and your kiddos can even lend a helping hand! A cute bottle, a pretty label and BAM, there you have it!

vanilla extract

I just love homemade gifts.  They always feel so special and thoughtful. And homemade vanilla extract? This is something that ALL of us use!

I learned that homemade vanilla takes about three to four months to mature. I realize that the holidays are MUCH sooner than that. No worries, just include a note that will state when the homemade vanilla extract will be ready!  

Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe

I ordered 4oz bottles and vanilla beans online and grabbed some Vodka from the store. Once I had gathered my supplies, I got to work. This is so incredibly simple. (Just keep that little detail to yourself.)

First I clipped the vanilla beans in half and stuffed them in the jars. I divvied them up evenly between the jars that I hadmaybe 6-8 vanilla bean halves per jar.  

Next, I filled the jars with vodka. I learned that it doesn’t really matter which vodka you use. Just pick your favorite and go with that! I have also heard of people using Bourbon and Rum, too!  

Lastly, set them in a dark closet somewhere and forget about them for a while. In 3 months the homemade vanilla extract will be ready to use in recipes! The longer the vanilla sits, the richer it becomes!  

Do you make homemade vanilla extract?  What is your favorite method!  Please share it with us in the comments.



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