Valentine’s Day Kids’ Craft Roundup


Hello Everyone! It’s February and the month of LOVE! We wanted to share some fun kids’ crafts we’ve been doing. February is turning out to be a very busy month for us,  with my daughter’s birthday and Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately it hasn’t left us with as much time for crafting as I would like. But we did find some time for some fun projects! I love Valentine’s Day crafts; there are still a few more days before V-day so who knows, maybe we will squeeze a few more in.

Be sure to check out Pinterest for some more inspiration!

A word about these crafts and kids’ crafts in general: I taylor these for my daughter’s abilities. For example, for the hearts, I let her cut them out. However, drawing them is a bit harder for her (we are working on it!) so I helped her out there where necessary. I like for her to do as much of the work as she can on her own, but part of the fun is doing the crafts together.

First up is our flamingo. Like most almost-five year old girls, my E loves anything and everything PINK! So this was a must-do. First I had her cut out a heart for the body.  Then we added pipe cleaners for the neck and legs. I had her color in the beak and add a google eye. Finally, feathers for the tail.



Next we made a card. I drew hearts in rainbow colors with a water-soluble (“washable”) marker. Then I had her paint water over the hearts to make a rainbow



Another craft we did was toilet paper roll stamping. We have done this for a few years and it is a good craft for your younger kiddos too. Simply take an old TP roll, bend it into the shape of a heart and use it to stamp paint on paper. I think this would make a great card as well!




The final craft I am going to show you today is this adorable owl. This is even more appropriate for us this year because Little E’s class at school is the “owl class” So we love all things owl!For this one, I had her cut out a heart face, wings, beak and feet. For the face and wings we used construction paper. For the feet and beak we used craft foam. All of this we glued on to a paper plate body, added google eyes and we were done!





Hope you all have a very Happy Valentine’s Day celebrating those you love!

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