Why I Love the Uptown Farmers Market in the Spring


Uptown Farmers Market

We’re so lucky in Arizona to have farmer’s markets year round but it’s in the spring that we can really appreciate them!  My favorite is the Uptown Market on Bethany Home Road and Central Avenue.  There are plenty all over town (you can find them here) but this one fits perfectly with my weekly budget since we get paid on Wednesdays. This way, I can use cash (be proud, Dave Ramsey) and I love grocery shopping outside!  There is something calming and refreshing about picking out fresh produce in the sun and fresh air.

Uptown Farmers Market

We always pick up lots of tomatoes! I make a batch of fresh pasta sauce and salsa each week.  Once I got in the habit it was easy to maintain (seriously, here’s my recipe.  I’ve been making it since 2011!).  When I get home from the market, I unpack everything and start processing. If you don’t have a food processor, pasta sauce is easy to make in a blender. Simply wash the produce and remove any stems and then drop everything in!  Simmer it on the stovetop for a couple hours on LOW or in a crock pot and you’re good to go!

Uptown Farmers MarketI don’t know about you, but I’m part of the population that believes there’s no such thing as too much garlic, so I always pick up 3-4 bulbs to last a week.  We use a mortar and pestle to grind our garlic, not a press, and the kids love to help grind it up!

Uptown Farmers MarketJalapeños are the perfect and necessary addition to salsa. I usually use one jalapeño for my salsa and about 8-10 tomatoes, which keeps it spicy enough but not too hot for the kiddos. Here’s my salsa recipe. I add fresh mango when I find it organic at the store or market.

Uptown Farmers MarketObviously, I stop at Mama’s Cold Brew for an iced cold brew with a coconut chocolate dairy free creamer, before I leave!

Uptown Farmers Market

Here’s what my husband whipped up for dinner with some of our Uptown Farmers Market finds! It’s a Spanish omelet with purple cauliflower, onions, potatoes, and eggs (because our chickens laid a dozen in a day thanks to the longer days and warmer weather!) topped with my favorite New Zealand Sharp Cheddar Cheese from Trader Joes.

Uptown Farmers Market

What is your favorite part of Arizona farmer’s markets? Is Uptown Farmers Market your favorite or is there another one you frequent? Do you love the local produce? The fresh weather?  The Mama’s Cold Brew? The Iconic Cocktail mixers? Comment below!


  1. I agree! Uptown Farmers Market is my favorite! Mama’s cold brew is amazing ? their flavors are the best. Also love the free bounce house that is always there! It’s perfect for my four year old while I enjoy my coffee

  2. My favorite, probably due to proximity is the Anthem Farmers Market. I love the hours (9am – 1pm) because it means I can go early, grab breakfast from a stand, take my son to the park for an hour our two, and then come back through and grab what we need to take home (and usually a snack).

    If we’re in Peoria though we love to hit up Momma’s Organic Market too. So many vendors with a great assortment, plus you can pre-order a CSA basket the week prior for pickup at a great price!


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