Unleashing Imagination and Sweet Surprises at Little Play Avenue



As a parent of twins, finding a place that captures my girl’s imagination and keeps them entertained can be a bit of a challenge. But our recent visit to The Little Play Avenue was a magical experience that exceeded all our expectations! From surprise cupcake decorating to meeting fellow moms, this place offered a perfect blend of fun, learning, and social connection. Here’s a recap of our unforgettable day.

Our Adventure Begins

The moment we stepped into The Little Play Avenue, my twins were instantly captivated. The vibrant, beautifully designed space was like stepping into a miniature wonderland, where every corner invited exploration and play. The play floor is a tapestry of interactive stations, each more intriguing than the last, encouraging children to let their creativity soar and their imaginations run wild. Kali immediately found a dress that captured her love for the theater, while Kori dressed for her next dance recital. Each twin different in their own way found something that matched their unique identify. 

Cupcakes For Breakfast

One highlight of our visit was the surprise cupcake decorating activity. The joy on my twins’ faces when they discovered they could decorate their own cupcakes was priceless. We had cupcakes for breakfast—an unconventional but delightful treat that added a sprinkle of magic to our morning. The Avenue Brew café will be coming soon. It will offer an array of renowned artisanal beverages and delectable treats. This added bonus will surely provide parents with their own little indulgence too.

Meeting Fellow Moms

While the kids were engrossed in their adventures, I had the chance to connect with other moms. It was heartwarming to meet a fellow twin mom and exchange stories and feelings that only moms of multiples could understand. The Little Play Avenue isn’t just a place for children to play; it’s a vibrant community space where parents can form meaningful connections and find support from one another.

About The Little Play Avenue

At The Little Play Avenue, children embark on a journey that seamlessly blends imagination with learning. The environment is designed to spark creativity and encourage every child’s dreams and aspirations to soar. My favorite was the tiny animal hospital. The twins made me ice-cream and pizza. I chuckled as I watch one little girl find the perfect hiding spot right next to me. I was secretly guarding her treasures. 

Mission and Vision

Little Play Avenue has a mission to ignite a passion for learning and exploration in little ones through imaginative play, interactive programs, and a nurturing environment. Their goal is to provide exceptional play experiences that foster essential life skills, a love for discovery, and magical celebrations that create lasting memories. I can say visiting Little Play Avenue reminded me of one of my own childhood experiences. I remember going to a museum that had a hospital and I would pretend I was a doctor. As a military brat, we moved around a lot. I could not tell you the state or location of this place, but I do remember the joy I had going there. 

The Play Floor

“The play floor at The Little Play Avenue is an enchanting space that combines educational excellence with creative play. Each area is thoughtfully crafted to stimulate children’s curiosity and growth. Whether it’s the mini market where kids can pretend to shop, the construction zone where little builders can create, or the artistic studio where young Picassos can let their creativity flow, every corner offers a new and exciting adventure.”

About The Founder

“Leena Hasbini, the visionary behind The Little Play Avenue, brings a unique blend of experience in design and a deep passion for creating memorable experiences for children and families. With an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and diverse expertise ranging from education to luxury interior design, Leena’s vision is to fuse educational quality with imaginative play. Her commitment to providing a nurturing and engaging environment shines through in every detail of The Little Play Avenue, making it a truly special place.” As someone who watched HGTV daily, the esthetically pleasing decor is totally show worthy.


Our visit to The Little Play Avenue was a day to remember. It’s a place where children’s imaginations are ignited, where learning is intertwined with play, and where parents can find a supportive community. Whether you’re looking for a fun outing, a unique celebration, or just a place to let your kids’ creativity flourish, The Little Play Avenue is the perfect destination. We can’t wait to go back and create more magical memories!


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