Tips on How to Travel the World With Kids


I am that typical, wanderlust filled chick. I am the woman that would get a tattoo of the world, or the mountains, or ocean, or all three! I love traveling. My husband and I have both traveled far and often. We have been to Kenya and Uganda together, as well as Amsterdam and various other places. We have a heart for the world and a longing to see every inch of it! But things do change quite drastically when you have children. Melody, our daughter, just turned one, and we have only recently gotten to fulfill part of our desires for travel this past month. We drove 1,000 miles, visited the most beautiful places, went to vineyards and breweries … all with my little one on my hip! 

So, here are my tips for how to travel the world with kids!

1. Plan- My biggest secret? I planned everything to a T. I sat down two months in advance and planned every hour of our vacation. I planned for naps, meals, meltdowns. You name it. Of course having children can change your schedule drastically, and I left some hours to be spontaneous, but we stuck to the schedule for the most part and it made our trip so much more enjoyable. 

2. Snacks- I felt so cool when it came to Melody’s snack pack. I got a tackle box (like the one below) and filled each compartment with a different snack. It was amazing because we didn’t have little plastic bags everywhere. Anytime we got in the car I let Melody choose from the snack box and I placed it in her car seat’s cup holder. It kept her distracted and excited for most of the trip! It was amazing.

travel3. Downtime- This goes with the schedule. It is SO important to have some down time fit into your schedule. When you are constantly on the go, it’s easy to get burned out and grumpy. Spending time just relaxing makes the trip more enjoyable. Treat yo’ self. 

4. Research- Before we went on our trip I researched every place we were going to make sure that I could have Melody with me at all times. I called the wineries to make sure babies were allowed, and I made sure each hike we were going on can be done with a baby on our backs. It made me much more relaxed knowing exactly what to expect and having no surprises along the way.

5. Have fun- When it comes to traveling, sometimes we get caught up in the planning and get so distracted that we forget to enjoy it! Each place you go take a deep breath in and live in the moment. Enjoy your babies, your spouse and the beauty of the world! 

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