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This is a sponsored post. I received product to review but my opinions are my own.

Have you noticed that some of our North Phoenix Moms Blog team has been traveling? Last Saturday on our Insta Take-Over, Stacey showed you some breathtaking sights from Maui, HI and I head off to Austin, TX TODAY! So I thought a quick list on Travel Must Haves was a Must Share for all our readers! So here you have it.


A bag that will keep you organized. I have traveled with lots of totes before that just don’t work…just make sure your bag will keep your items in order! I recommend either an OiOi Diaper Bag or a Vera Bradley Travel Tote.


Toiletries / Products for Mom. I get so wrapped up packing for littles that I forget my needs sometimes….who’s with me on that one?! I’m so excited about my All Natural Squeeze Pods because I don’t have to worry about pouring my product into little bottles that are TSA approved. They have a wide range of products in a clear bag for those pesky security points. They have me covered.

I also make sure to have lipbalm in EVERY piece of luggage! Because sometimes you grab the wrong bag and this way any bag will have what you need. I love EOS or Burts Bees for my travels.

Hand Sanitizer is a MUST! With all the germies that float around I always take extra sanitizer and wipes. My favorite is Method brand.

Some Young Living Oil in Lavender helps to relax before the flight. Since travel is not a very soothing experience I recommend this to help you along the way.


Items for littles. I didn’t photo it but I HIGHLY recommend bringing snacks and a few toys. I usually grab some Annie’s individually bags snacks and soft toys….ones that aren’t too loud to be considerate of other travelers. Also if your kids are older than a kids tablet can be a game changer!

Mealtime items. As long as I keep my kids snacking they seem to be content. In addition to snacks you’ll need to a bib and spoon for younger ones. We LOVE our Snapbibs and OXO travel spoon.

EXTRA of everything. I mean it. I have traveled with extra wipes, diapers and outfits and they have saved me a time or two!!!! I promise you won’t be sorry about having extra coverage.

A scarf and YES I meant to put this under baby items. A scarf is a jack of all traits when traveling. Blanket, nursing cover, sleeping mask, napkin…the list goes on. And it doesn’t even take up that much space on your neck. Trust me on this one. 😉

A teething necklace. My little one isn’t sprouting teeth anytime soon but this serves as entertainment more than anything.

Electronics. A charger, both car and wall, helps to ensure that you won’t be stranded in an unfamiliar city. I rely on my cell for directions so a dead device isn’t an option. Once again a tablet will help fill the time when on the plane. A portable power charger JUST IN CASE you leave your wall charger at the hotel and car charger in another vehicle.

Don’t forget your sunnies! This would be the one item I forget the most. But highly necessary, as you know.

Last but not least is your gum. I usually buy a multi pack so I never have to stop when traveling.

Lots of these items are common sense but I hope you found a few new products that you’ll take on your next trip and they will add a little more ease to your travel experience. Are there any items that we NEED to add to the list? Comment below.  Have fun and be safe out there!

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