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This post is sponsored by the ACPE. My opinions are my own and I have actively participated in AZ 529 College Savings for several years. #AZ529 #AZCollegeSavings

During the holiday season it’s so easy to request the latest gadget, technology, trending toy or uber cute apparel for your kiddos. Since having kids we have always requested that all our family put funds into a college savings plans for them. It’s a GIVEN that during holidays, birthdays and any other gift giving occasion that our preference is for checks to be deposited into their AZ 529 College Savings. We feel that it’s critical to hold off on material items and make the small sacrifices now that will open doors for them in the future.

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Today I want to share a bit more about the benefits and how to get your AZ529 College Savings Plan going!

But first, my own personal experience as a college student. I had a difficult time with tuition. I am an identical twin who was raised by a single father. He paid for my Associates Degree from Community College but when it came to my Bachelors at a University, I was on my own. If I’m being completely honest here, I never finished my degree. Between funding, a full time job, and life, it was all too easy to just settle with what I had already accomplished. If you’re like me, you want better for your kids than you had. So a major goal of mine is to eliminate the funding issues. This will allow them to focus on education rather than getting distracted by work/life and fall short of their goals like I did.

Now more about the setup of these accounts! It’s as easy as 1..2..3, and can be done with three very reputable companies which include Fidelity, Waddell & Reed, and College Savings Bank.  When first setting up these accounts you will only need some very basic information about the individual you are setting it up for.  To open an account you must physically go in to a Waddell & Reed. Fidelity, and College Savings Bank offer online enrollment. The toughest part is knowing where to find your kiddos social security number…which isn’t difficult in the least! Hehe!  But we definitely recommend downloading the investment planner to help you manage their savings.

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DON’T FORGET that any contributions to an AZ 529 College Savings Plan are tax deductible and over the past year there has been an increase to the allowable tax incentives!!! I know that giving towards the future of the special kiddos in your life is incentive enough though. 😉 I hope that you consider setting up a fund, as I have, to give your children a head start for their future because toys don’t last. An education does.

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