Top 7 Pool Essentials for Surviving The Arizona Heat

pool essentials

Living in Arizona I have never wanted anything more during the summer than to spend my days in the pool. Also living in Arizona, I realized the sun shines differently here. I have lived a lot of places and found this one to be the hottest. I will say that it being a dry heat is one of the reasons it’s bearable to me. When it comes to spending time in the pool, here is my list of pool essentials for a great experience.


Duh! I know this seems a little obvious but you definitely need one. If you own your own pool, be sure your chemicals are within normal ranges. This sun here eats chlorine like tic-tac’s. Community pools are a nice way to find other kids for your kids to play. Use this time to relax and watch them play in silence. If done right you will have few hours to yourself. Let me know if this works for you because it hasn’t for me.

Floatation devises

If your child does not know how to swim it’s recommended that they use a personal floatation device. The U.S. Coast Guard provides information on the types of personal flotation devices recommended based on age, weight, activity and more. Check out the site for more information.  If you are going to use floats in a community pool check their requirements on the types of floatation devices that are acceptable. I just recently found this out.

CPR certification

Although not required to enjoy some fun in the sun, I would recommend taking a CPR class. The class will teach parents and caregivers basic life saving skills. We know that drownings are a major concern for our littles. Even great swimmers can have accidents. Check with the red cross for times and locations near you. I also recommend swim lessons for each kid as well. A yearly refresher never hurts, even for those who know how to swim. 

Drink Water

If you haven’t realized yet, it’s hot. Just because you are in water doesn’t mean you don’t need to drink water. I tell people all the time, even if you don’t sweat, you are constantly losing water and need to replace it. You know, with it being so dry here and all. Make sure you are drinking water before, during, and after your swim. If you are thirsty then you are already dehydrated.

Sun protection

Sun protection is one of our top pool essentials, for obvious reasons. This sun shines so hard that it makes your skin burn. Not only can you get the typical sun burn but your skin just feels like it is burning. The moment I walk into the sun I feel its immediate intense heat. I feel like if I sit in the sun long enough I just might melt.  When it’s time to play in the sun make sure you use sun screen. It’s not a bad idea to wear a hat and sun glasses as well. They also make swim suits for kids with sleeves, which are a great way to protect their skin. 

Limit time

The weird thing about Arizona is that if you are actually in the water, it doesn’t feel so hot. Sometimes the wind can make it feel a little chilly. Don’t be fooled. Limit the amount of time you spend in the water. It’s also a good idea to avoid the hottest times of the day. Swim in the early morning or at sunset.


I love the water, and my last pool essential is to just have fun. I recently learned how to play “Marco Polo” from my son. At least he thinks he taught me how to play it. Make sure you have pool noodles, diving toys, water blasters and all the other fun toys. You know, the things that are played with for five minutes and then just float around the pool until it’s time to clean up and go inside.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. You know it won’t cool down until October so we have plenty of swimming season left! Share your pool essentials with us in the comments.


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