Top 10 Reasons to love Phoenix in the Winter


Being a native of this state it’s hard to imagine winter any other way. Growing up in Flagstaff for a short while I did get to experience shoveling snow, trick or treating in the snow, and snow days. But since living in Phoenix I’ve become accustomed to the desert winter … or lack there of. 

Phoenix in the winter

Top 10 Reasons to love Phoenix in the Winter:

  1. No snow – I love snow I just don’t want to live in it. 
  2. No major seasonal clothing change – I love not having to have a storage of thick sweaters and snow gear that I’m going to need wear on a regular basis, especially with kids. Being able to add just a few cardigans, long sleeves and a hoodie to my wardrobe is great. Plus, not needing to wear them that often keeps them nice for a longer period of time.
  3. Kids can go outside without bundling up – No need to put layers and layers on. Just a sweatshirt in the morning or evening and they are good to go! 
  4. Nutcracker – Ballet AZ has one of the top productions of this ballet and even though they took away the live orchestra, I’m sure it’s still one to beat.
  5. Low electricity bill – Being able to turn off the A/C after a scorching summer is a delight in our house. The heater rarely comes on before December, and most of the time, even then, only in the evening.
  6. 2 hrs to get to snow – If we ever desire to be in snow to truly get the winter feel, we can just pack up the car and drive roughly 2-3 hrs to find a white winter, sledding, skiing and snowboarding.
  7. Events – Between the Fiesta Bowl, WM Open, Barrett Jackson and the anticipation of Spring Training leaves so much to do AND in amazing weather! 
  8. I’m no longer worrying about overheating in the car  – We have car seat coolers for our kids in the summer, and winter is a breath of fresh air so I don’t have to remember these as a “must have” item. 
  9. Water is not needed for every outdoor activity – Again, a break from summer! During the summer, if the kids are outside, we constantly have sprinklers under the trampoline, or our DIY water toy is working to keep kids cool, or we have to go to a splash pad.  Winter is a time to fully enjoy the outdoors, water-free!
  10. Hike + exercise outdoors during the day – It is no longer necessary to wake up at the crack of dawn to take a walk!  It’s gorgeous all day. Here are some of our favorite trails

Well those are the few things I can think of immediately as far as loving Phoenix in winter.  Did I miss anything? Why do you love winter here in the desert? 


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