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So I’m sure you all remember that dreaded well-check appointment…the one when the pediatrician tells you that your baby will start to bud teeth soon. They say usually around 6 months or so that you will notice drooling and maybe some crankiness. Well for me, this conversation came at the 4 month check and you know what…he was ALREADY cutting teeth. I remember the pediatrician checking him and saying, “Oh I see swelling already! Can you see the lines under his gums? He should be cutting teeth next week.” So I bring you my Teething Tips + Products We Love post because I’m “that mom” with a 4 month old with 4 teeth. All my kiddos cut teeth pretty early but my youngest was by far the earliest. Some babies handle teething great…some do not. My baby was the latter. I frantically looked for the latest and greatest products to help soothe my guy during this not so fun process.

So I reached out to our team of mommas and we came up with Tips on Teething + Products that are our go-to for teething babes.

Teething Necklace Options. First off, a newer trend is that of Teething Jewelry! There are so many options in color + material + look. So I’m bringing you my top 3 favorite options! The first is Honi Kine which is a local AZ company! Honi Kine is made by hand, limited, baby-inspired, honi-infused goodness to wear, give, share, love. Materials include Kauai fabric + maple hardwood beads. What I love most about my Honi Kine necklace is that it really has that beautiful, organic look AND the little man is a huge fan. (PSSSSST STAY TUNED…we are giving a necklace away!)


My other Teething Necklaces come from Jelly Strands and Bubs & Up. Were you at our Moms Night Out where there was a giveaway for these necklaces?! I hope so. The Silicon Teething option is one that I see myself getting crazy with…seriously HEART EYES for days with these styles! This product is made from food grade silicon, 100% safe, non-toxic, BPA free, chemical free, water resistant, and dishwasher safe. My Jelly Strands necklace has the 3 black beads that almost look like glass. While my Hub Bubs necklace is more of a flat look. I wear them with baby and even to work + events without him. They are all so fab!

North Phoenix Moms Blog - Jelly Strands


THE Giraffe. Her name is Sofie…we all know her and we all love her! The company that makes her is Vulli, a company based in Rumilly in the Haute-Savoie Region of France. It has continued to keep the jealously-guarded secret of how this wonder toy is made. Sophie is still “traditionally” produced to this day, a process that involves more than 14 manual operations. She is made from 100% natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea Tree.


Frozen Options. No, not the Disney movie! We have a First Steps Rattle Teether (photoed on post cover image) that we love to use. It doubles as an Ouchie Away item in our freezer for our toddlers. Ours was a gift but I sure do LOVE The Honest Company teether that we have seen online.  There is also the option of freezing a teething cloth. This is an “old school” remedy that previous generations used when there weren’t all these modern day gadgets that we have the convenience of.

North Phoenix Moms Blog - The Honest Company

Cloth Teething Options. Speaking of an “old school” cloth teether remedy…this is a fab new age option instead of using  a wash cloth laying around the house. Dress Me Up Organic Teething Bon Bon is a totally legit teething cloth that is made specifically for baby.

North Phoenix Moms Blog - The Honest Company

Teething Rings. Hustle Mama!!!…not you…that’s the company name. Hustle Mama Handmade is an AZ local handmade option for teething rings! Sweet fabric bunny ears meet a wooden ring for total cuteness and your babe will seriously go gaga for this product!


Teething Toys. The Green Ring, by Begin Again Toys, is part corn starch rubber part wooden toy made here in the USA. This option is one that will totally grow with baby. I can see my older kiddos nabbing this from the baby already…my daughter claiming it’s one of her bracelets is a guarantee. LOL!

North Phoenix Moms Blog -Regin Again

Amber Necklaces. Using this style necklace is totally safe for baby. Amber necklaces used to sooth teething babes is not a new thing at all. Tip: The earlier you introduce them the better so that baby doesn’t realize that he/she is wearing it. You can buy these necklaces from several retailers we got ours from Zoolikins a local shop in Old Town Scottsdale.


Teething Tablets + Biscuits. Hyland Teething Tablets + Earth’s Best Biscuits are the oral + editable options that we recommend. Hyland’s Tablets are homeopathic and Earth’s Best Biscuits are organic…so they are safe + helpful to baby! As with EVERYTHING I always recommend checking with your pediatrician first with any product (oral or not) when it comes to helping your baby through a growing process like this.

Patience. Most of all when baby is fussing just remember that we can’t know exactly how much discomfort this process is causing them since they can’t tell us. If you feel that nothing is giving your baby relief always error on the side of caution + follow what your Mother’s Intuition tells you…your pediatrician is the ultimate resource when it comes to your child’s health + well being.

We hope that some or all of these options are helpful to you, your baby + the whole family! Good luck!

Now about that free teething necklace we mentioned above!

North Phoenix Moms Blog - The Honest Company

Honi Kine is providing one lucky reader with a complimentary necklace that is even personalized! AMAZING right?! This is a limited edition batik necklace with fabric from kauai’s very own K A P A I A Stitchery ! The “tiny hands fabric necklace” is made by hand with fabric-covered beads & a maple hardwood teething ring, grown in the USA. Check out all her amazing products here!

To enter the contest:

Contest runs through the weekend and ends Monday, July 14th…don’t miss your chance for this beautiful necklace!


  1. Done! My baby girl is almost 4 months and is starting to show signs of teething as well! The drooling and the whole fist in mouth days have started…need this necklace!

    • It’s a 4 month club! Hehe! My ped made it sound like she was surprised about Hudson’s teeth coming in at 4 months…sounds like it’s a pretty common age for teething to begin! 😉

    • They will thank you if one wins this awesome necklace! I’ve done teething twice without a necklace and I’m so thankful for them this time around.

  2. Done! JP has been teething nonstop for months and would LOVE this! Thanks for all the great tips and products Rachel!

    • No problem! Good luck on nabbing the necklace…they say teething timeline starts at 4-7 months to 3 years for a complete set. Ugh! Thankful for these amazing products for the wee ones at least. 😉

  3. Done! Thanks, Rachel for these awesome tips! Even though I’m on my 3rd teething child, new tips and products are always appreciated. I would love this awesome necklace 🙂

    • Vanessa I’m right there with you. Third round of a teething babe but with all the new products out there it’s always good to hear about the latest and greatest. Good luck!

  4. I don’t have a Facebook but followed both on Instagram! I have a one month old baby girl and I heard these necklaces are also nice for nursing mamas! Been looking to get my hands on one!

  5. The Jelly Strands necklace is so beautiful! I NEED one!! My daughter had Sophie and was seriously glued!!! Plus the tablets were a huge lifesaver. Great post… I had no idea there were so many cute options out there!

    • I literally wear all my necklaces both with + without the baby…I mean they are all just so cute! Yeah Sofie…she is THE Giraffe…seriously is there any other?!

  6. I don’t have Facebook BUT I went ahead and followed both on Instagram. This would be a godsend because my baby boy started the early stages of teething midway through the three month mark. He’s definitely like your son – having a hard time dealing with teething and is now four months old and chewing on EVERYTHING for relief. Love the blog and love this giveaway!

    • It’s it just unbelievable when you have a wee babe that is ALREADY teething?! I have tons of friends with kiddos closer to a year old that have yet to cut teeth. Wishing you lots of luck on this contest!

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