Time to Punk Your Pantry



It’s time.  Time to punk your pantry. Something about a new year gets us all amped up to make huge changes in our lives. Unfortunately, that excitement often turns to frustration well before we even get all those holiday decorations packed up and put away.

(Because you know mine will probably still be out through Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Sorry, not sorry neighbors.)

Oftentimes we struggle because we try to change everything all at once, instead of making small goals for ourselves. I often recommend a step by step approach to making changes, especially when it comes to getting your family to eat better (and getting your kids to eat something other than macaroni & cheese).

A kitchen clean out is a huge first step in getting your family’s eating habits on track, whether you’re trying to reach a healthy weight or tackle picky eating. Either way, think of it like this- no one in your family is going to eat better with the nutritional equivalent of the Kardashians in your pantry.

You know what I’m talking about. The stuff you don’t really need in your life but can’t ignore when you see it.

It really doesn’t take long but when you’re done, your pantry won’t know what hit it- which is why I like to call this process “punking your pantry.”

Ready to punk your pantry?  Have a look at those nutrition labels:

  • Ditch foods with more than a couple grams of saturated fat per serving. This is the “bad fat” that you hear so much about.
  • Get rid of cereals and snack food items containing over 10 grams of added sugar per serving. Try to replace them with items that contain 5 grams or less (this does not include sugar derived from a whole food source, like whole fruits).
  • Chuck foods that are low in fiber, especially those your family turns to for snacks. You’re looking for at least 1 gram of fiber for every 10 grams of carbohydrates.

Once you’ve gotten rid of those nutritional offenders, spend a little time using these same guidelines to practice reading nutrition labels and look for replacement options at the grocery store. It may take a little practice but you’ll be on your way!

For more healthy and nutritional tips visit me at Oh My Nosh! Nutrition Coaching.


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