Time Blocking for some Mom Sanity While Crisis Schooling


“There is never enough time.”

“I cannot do it all.”

“Time flies.”

“I wish time would slow down.”

As a mom, it feels like you are either pulled in a million directions all at once and may be overwhelmed or burned out or you cannot believe how fast your kids are growing up and so you look at their pictures at night after they go bed, am I right?! It’s what I would call “The Crazy Cycle.” The Crazy Cycle is when you do not have a plan and so your time controls you rather than the other way around. It can lead to disappointment, guilt, shame and a feeling like you are not doing enough. Rather, we should be acknowledging that you are the best mom for your kids and you can do multiple things at once (like raising a family and having a side gig or even working full time) without disappointment or burn out. 

So, how do you get off of the Crazy Cycle and into a groove as a mom so that you can enjoy spending time with your kids, be the mom they need while also getting things done that you need? Here are top 6 tips I would give any parent:

  1. Acknowledge that you are a great mom! 
  2. Determine your priorities and write them down so you know what they are!
  • Time with your family
  • Work Schedule
  • Hobbies
  • Kids Activities
  • Etc

3. Establish “work hours.” Everything is not a free for all and even though there is a lot you cannot control, you can control when you are working or spending time with your family. 

4. It’s ok to say, ‘NO.’ And not just to other adults or activities but also to our children. It’s ok for them to take a bit of a break to refresh and believe it or not – your kids will get super creative and have a lot of fun!

5. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others.

  • get enough sleep
  • proper nutrition
  • get moving
  • do something for yourself (mental)
  1. Time block your schedule! 

So what is time blocking? It is just as it sounds – you block off periods of time throughout your day for different priorities and responsibilities. This doesn’t mean you have every second of the day planned out, but you do have structure. With patience, practice and consistency you will find that time blocking your weeks will not only allow you to get things done but also be a sane, and fun, mom to your kids. 

For more specific tips on Time Blocking, what to do, how to determine what should go where, and for a FREE summer schedule for your days while kids are still at home, you can join a FREE, quick webinar. This is your chance to check it out and get your life together. 

Written by Kate Williams, Co-Founder of Caresplit and a work from home mom. Also, currently “homeschooling” 3 children unexpectedly alongside everyone else and looking to the summer months without many entertainment options for children, but determined to make it an enjoyable time for all! 


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