‘Tidying Up’ with Marie Kondo Isn’t for Me


Thanks to Netflix, people are spring cleaning in January.

I am going to throw it on out there: I can’t watch Tidying Up. I just can’t do it. Don’t get me wrong, I tried. I wanted to jump on the Marie Kondo bandwagon with my tidy little suitcase, because who doesn’t love a neat and tidy home? I saw the show pop up on Netflix and added it to our list—however, I hesitated on actually starting it. I am going to attribute my hesitation to the fact that clutter seriously stresses me out…and to my husband for reminding me that hoarding shows aren’t really my thing.

Despite my better judgment, one night while laying in bed searching for something mindless to watch, it happened, I started Tidying Up. One look at the adorable Marie Kondo with her bright smile had me thinking, “how bad could this really be?” Let’s just say that I didn’t even make it through an entire episode.

Let me backtrack a little bit. I am not a hoarder. I actually have a hard time keeping things that even get used every once in a while. Minimalism is my jam. I like opening kitchen cabinets to see everything neatly organized, my shoes each have their own box and are color coordinated, and the spices in our spice rack are alphabetical. I could go on, but as you can probably tell I have an appreciation for organization, I am “Type A” and there is probably something a little wrong with me.

Now, as I lay in bed watching that first episode, I can’t help but think, “this isn’t so bad. Marie Kondo is a perky little genius. I love her.” Then it came time for the family to pull out all of their clothes and lay them in a pile on the bed and that is when I knew this show wasn’t going to be good for me. So. Many. Clothes. Well we watched a few more minutes. My husband said something along the lines of “I told you so” and we turned the lights out for bed.

Laying there in the dark I had a sudden urge to get up and clean every single thing. I lay there thinking of areas that hadn’t been cleaned in a little while and wondering if it would be that strange if I just got up and did that cleaning real quick. By the time I finally fell asleep, which was much later than I would have liked, I had freaking Tidying Up dreams! Marie Kondo was in my head and now my dreams. I woke up the next morning, exhausted with a slight headache, and knew that I could never watch Tidying Up again. Nope. Unless I feel like a terrible night’s sleep and the sudden urge to clean. However, through all of this I did learn one thing. Marie Kondo and I could 100% be best friends.


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