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When it comes to dressing myself and my toddler son, I seldom pay full price. I am extremely frugal when it comes to this area, to the point where I am almost embarrassed to share this post with you all.

The other day I overheard a mom say, “I got this dress today- it was only $30!”. ONLY $30? Do you know what I could buy with thirty bucks? A lot more than one dress, thats for sure.


Here are a few outfits, and I will tell you their cost:

Tank Top- Old Navy $0.97

Chambray Ruffled Shirt- Thrifted $3.25

Gold Belt- Thrifted around $1 (its old!)

Steve Madden Boots- Last Chance $18 (good price on LEATHER boots. they will be worn all winter. I’ve had them for a couple years)

Plaid H&M Shirt- Thrifted $1.99

Denim Cuttoffs (Kenneth Cole)- Thrifted $1.99 (I cut them off, they were jeans)


Plaid Cherokee Shirt- Thrifted $0.97

Jeans- Kohls $2.65

Shoes- Target $3.88


As you can (hopefully) see, we try to dress and look nice, but on a tight budget (the only one who pays full price for clothes is my husband, is that normal? lol).

Here are the places I shop for myself and my son:

Goodwill, Savers, other thrift stores. They often have sales on top of their cheap prices. Of course check for brand and quality. I often find most of my sons clothes there, I get a ton of H&M and BabyGap stuff. For as fast as they grow out of their clothes, it is not worth it to me to pay full price! Usually their pants and shirts are $0.99-$2.99!

Last Chance in Phoenix. This is the gem of the valley. So many great deals on womens clothes and shoes. Last Chance is basically a Nordstrom outlet store. So many great brands and high quality clothes for cheap. I also follow them on twitter (@lastchance_phx) since they will post what items have an additional % off that day or week. A lot of times they will do an extra 50% womens shoes size 9 & up (which is great for me and my big feet!). A couple months back they had 75% off scarves, so I scored scarves for $0.75! Be prepared to dig there, and be prepared for crowds.

Any and every clearance rack. I rarely, if ever, shop full priced items. I go straight to the back of the store to look at clearance. My favorite clearance racks are at: Target, Old Navy, Gap, Kohls, and JcPenny.


How about you, any tips on getting great clothing deals??


  1. I am obsessed with Saver’s! We go multiple times a week to different locations!! I am with you girl! Dressing cute/nice on a vERY tight budget! Plus I like change so I don’t feel bad spending 3.99 on a new dress even though I may have purchased one the week before! I love to shop and I am ALWAYS shopping so thrifting is definitely the way to go!!


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